10 Emerging Female Artists to Invest In Now Before They Blow Up

Updated 05/02/18

While fine art has long been associated with the East Coast, artists from Los Angeles continue to create stunning, provocative, and intellectual work that rivals even the best that New York City has to offer. Saatchi Art recently hosted The Other Art Fair, giving 100 emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their work in Downtown Los Angeles. Among those artists are 10 women whose work certainly deserves your attention.

Chosen by Rebecca Wilson, chief curator of Saatchi Art, these are 10 of the most influential up-and-coming artists to know in 2018. Whether you're a novice art connoisseur or a lifetime collector, you'll want to see what these artists have to offer. Ahead, they're sharing the inspiration behind their work, along with their top styling tips for when you finally bring a masterpiece home. Meet the women behind the art, and shop their work while you're at it.

Stephanie Vovas

Stephanie Vovas Tangerine Dream $2670

Inspiration: "It's always one of three things: a storyline I'm obsessed with, an amazing interior space, or the feelings I get from the person I'm going to photograph."

Aesthetic: "Juicy picture stories of mysterious people that feel like a film. In the '70s. With a golden-brown and pastel color palette. And add champagne."

Reaction: "I would love them to feel exhilarated, deeply moved, connected, and inspired to express what's inside of them. I would like them to think how beautiful and heavy life is."

Styling Tip: "I always recommend thin white shadow boxes, as they're elegant and go with everything. Trim the white border off the print unless you like a more formal look. I would not use black frames except for one or two photos of mine, just because it feels too heavy."

Kim West

Kim West Yosemite Valley, Fire Light No.2 $3970

Inspiration: "I find inspiration in memories, proofs of love, and in other things that can't be measured; in road trips, poppy flowers, and super-blooms; in my grandmother's bathing suits; in pools, plants, and palm trees; in the trees and on the horizon." 

Aesthetic: "I paint abstracted, washy landscapes and botanical motifs layered with saturated Technicolor and grounded with psychedelic pops of neon."

Reaction: "When people say that looking at my work makes them feel like they're in a dream, I've hit a nail on the head."

Styling Tip: "I like to see my paintings layered over vintage wallpaper, or hung singularly on otherwise blank walls, or incorporated into a salon-style assemblage—my décor taste runs eclectic."

Kelly Puissegur

Kelly Puissegur The Hovering, Optimistic Eyes Required Constant Cleaning $745

Inspiration: "Most of the time it's inspired by words. Things I hear or read, or phrases that just pop into my head. I also love vintage imagery. There's so much unintentional humor in old illustrations and ads, so I frequent thrift stores and browse old photos and illustrations online."

Aesthetic"I'm all over the place. I get bored easily, and I'm never satisfied with my work, so I'm always changing materials and how I approach each piece. Generally my work includes words and has a playful, sarcastic quality."

Reaction: "My main goal is to make the viewer smile—even if it's on the inside. If I get a laugh I'm set for life." 

Styling Tip: "The great thing about art and home décor is there are no rules. If you pick out art and furniture because you like it and it speaks to you in some way, it will most certainly look good together. I don't believe in matching colors and styles. I like more of an eclectic look of things gathered over time." 

Karen Clark

Karen Clark She's Not There $430

Inspiration: "Chaos is a great inspiration. My studio looks like a hurricane hit with half-finished paintings and collages strewn everywhere. I get ideas from seeing the juxtaposition of visual ideas."

Aesthetic"My style is all over the place. I go from geometric to landscapes to portraits."

Reaction: "I find that people tend to see things in my work that even I am blind to. Everyone is a painting whisperer, so I try not to telegraph what I'm thinking."

Styling Tip: "I like geometric and minimalist work in modern houses. Metallic paintings are unusual and tend to get attention in a room. But with art, anything goes."

Shawna Ankenbrandt

Shawna Ankenbrandt Agi & Elaina II $3770

Inspiration: "I find endless inspiration in nature and an overwhelming need to be in it."

Aesthetic"My style is very intuitive. I'm an adventurer at heart, and so the unpredictability of the moment is what drives me."

Reaction: "We often don't realize how majestic and wondrous nature is until we behold ourselves in it. I want people to feel the same sense of freedom, wonder, and adventure that I feel when I'm working."

Styling Tip: "I love looking at an image on a wall and being transported to a different place in time. I try and choose artwork based on the color tones of the room and the feeling it gives you when you look at it.

Patrice Dworkin and Jackie Leishman (The Fourth Artist)

The Fourth Artist Transition 34 $275

Inspiration: "Our collaboration is inspired by our shared interest in women's issues and the lives of women artists."

Aesthetic"We celebrate the use of cut and torn paper, fabric and collage, painting and drawing. Our imagery is contemporary and abstract, layered and textural."

Reaction: "We want people to be struck by the mood created by color, texture, and line; then to linger to consider the nuance and detail. We want them to find something new each time they look at our work."

Styling Tip: "We love to see our small pieces grouped together as a statement piece in one frame, or as a gallery wall in individual frames.This creates the impact of a large artwork, but with more flexibility in hanging."

Kelly Brumfield-Woods

Kelly Brumfield-Woods White Diamond $3500

Inspiration: "The inspiration for my art comes from everywhere. When I'm driving, when I'm reading, when I'm in my garden, when I see an old building being demolished. I love structures and spaces, and that definitely shows up in my work."

Aesthetic: "I'm exploring a new direction right now, which is really interesting to me, so this answer could change one day, but my 'trademark style' is geometric with a play on light in the form of glitter."

Reaction: "What I really hope viewers do is find joy in the pieces. Whether they're serious or playful, they all sort of radiate joy, I think. Some just do it a little more loudly than others."

Styling Tip: "Lighting is the most important thing because that glitter—when it's got the right lighting—is so good… The best place to hang it is in a place where people can move around it, from one side to another, because that's when the magic happens."

Melissa Herrington

Melissa Herrington Untitled $4600

Inspiration: "I've always had a passion for travel. It has become an integral part of my creative process, and a major catalyst for my evolving themes and artistic practice. My paintings are representative of my path, which is inspired by adventure and independence, and my love of color and texture."

Aesthetic"I'm exploring spontaneous marks and subtle female forms through abstraction. Objects and images are never too explicit, which increase their capacity to evoke a wide range of associations and recollections. This exemplifies the freedom with which I work." 

Reaction: "I strive to evoke emotion and connection with the viewer. My aim is to create paintings that are hopeful, contemplative, and challenging. We're all evolving, and I hope my work reminds people of their own creativity and unlimited potential."

Styling Tip: "I love a clean palette of white. When decorating, I like neutrals—it manages to be both serene and chic. Layering is a must for collections both eclectic and original. Keep it simple; let the art shine."

Meike Legler

Meike Legler #goals $3770

Inspiration: "I often get inspired during walks in nature or when I sit at a café and overhear conversations around me. Single words sometimes are enough to cause a reaction in front of my inner eye. Also, meditation, spirituality, and music are great sources for me to draw inspiration from."

Aesthetic"My style has changed from geometric, sharp shapes to more fluent and organic compositions. I would say my style ranges from minimalistic and subtle to playful and lively."

Reaction: "I really like the thought that people feel uplifted and filled with optimism and energy when they see my work. I don't really want them to think anything specific but rather leave them with a feeling of empowerment and happiness."

Styling Tip: "I always would give any piece of art enough space around it to breathe. Beautiful plants close to any of my pieces are always a good idea."

Laura Viapiano

Laura Viapiano Deep $196

Inspiration: "The inspiration behind much of my work, and really the inspiration behind my choice to create abstract versus figurative work, comes from my fascination with perspective and how it shapes our reality. I love the idea that abstract paintings give the viewer a chance to interface with their own mind, memories, and emotion to create a special meaning unique to their experience."

Aesthetic"My artistic style is bold and emotive, sensual, and meditative."

Reaction: "When people view my work, I want them to have a moment of self-reflection. I never want to tell someone how to interpret a painting or what message they should be receiving. My goal is to remind people of the power of perspective."

Styling Tip: "I don't hold back when it comes to color, so I think my paintings pair best with modern, minimalist décor. Their bright hues create quite a bit of drama and make them great statement pieces for airy, open spaces."

Be inspired by these up and coming artists to start your very own art collection or maybe even pick up a brush yourself.

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