I'm Redecorating My L.A. Apartment—Help Me Choose the Artwork

There's something about redecorating that is equal parts joy and frustration all at once. I have been in the process of making over my small apartment with the help of NY-based interior designer Tali Roth of Homepolish since the beginning of the year. What I thought would take a month or so has taken about six. I didn't realize that my tiny Los Angeles rental would take so much time, but then again, I do have a level of taste that I am not willing to compromise on and my fellow Aussie designer isn't one to back down from a challenge either.

Sourcing the right piece for every corner of the room has been a fun (albeit time-consuming) process until you can't find the right piece or worse, it's sold out. But I'm so thankful for my wingwoman. I couldn't have survived it without Roth. Even just having someone to bounce ideas off of has been life-changing.

Perhaps one of the hardest decisions has been choosing the artwork. I turned to the team at Uprise Art for help in finding the right piece to fill the huge blank wall in my living room and they sent me nine female artists to choose from. The problem is that I fell in love with all of them. Normally I'd lean on Roth or my husband, but even they were struggling to choose one. So I'm asking you, our stylish readers, to help me decide—this is the floorplan we chose so you can get a feel for the space first.

Ahead I profile nine female artists along with a sample of their work. Take a read and send me a direct message on Instagram to let me know which one you like.

What is your favorite piece? Which one should I choose? Be sure to send me a message on Instagram.