A New Real Estate App Is Like Tinder For Apartment Hunters

By now, the muscle memory of swiping right if you're into something and left if you'd rather pass is so second nature that we find ourselves swiping Instagram photos and Seamless menus, too. Just kidding—we're not addicts, but you get the point. It should come as no surprise, then, that the real estate world is getting in on the user-friendly fun, too. A new app called UPTOP seeks to make the house hunter's quest for new digs, often a drudge of a task complicated by questionable listings, long-winded filing of applications, cash-only fees, and more inconveniences, as straightforward and easy as Tinder makes finding potential dates.

Unlike many other real estate apps which simply aggregate Craigslist postings, UPTOP (which is available in Beta right now) vets property owners and firms, thus creating a new marketplace unimpeded by agents and brokers. UPTOP simplifies each aspect of renting an aprtment into a digital interface: apply, credit check, lease signing, and payments are all 100% paperless and functional from within the app. According to founders, the app will also implement Uber and Bitcoin API's, which will allow users to schedule a ride from within the UPTOP app, or pay their rent in Bitcoin.

Would you be interested in using a real estate app like UPTOP? Share your thoughts in the comments, then shop these iPhone accessories to keep you juiced up during the hunt!