Decorating a Small Apartment? This Brand Is Your One-Stop Shop

We often turn to the design pros at IKEA to find small space furniture that won't break the bank, but there's another store that's been flying under the radar all along: Urban Outfitters. Yes, you might associate it with the boho bedspread in your college dorm, but the retailer's latest product drop proves it offers so much more than youthful décor. 

Case in point: Its smart, multipurpose organization wares. Cleverly designed mirrors house hanging space at the back, wires stools stack with ease, and multicolored hooks maximize every inch of wall space. Here, we've rounded up the best small apartment steals hiding at Urban Outfitters (and how to style them to get that high/low look). You can stop searching: These smart, stylish finds are a no-brainer. 

Where do you shop for small-space furniture?