12 Other Stores to Consider If You're a Fan of Urban Outfitters Home

Amy Bartlam—Urban Outfitters Home

Amy Bartlam

When it was first unveiled, there was an element of surprise associated with the home-related finds at Urban Outfitters. Most people had been aware of this brand before, of course, as a place for trendy clothes and knickknacks, but never for something like bed linens or even a sofa. That's why it was so exciting, years ago, when Urban Outfitters introduced home products. Suddenly Urban Outfitters became just as well known for its budget-friendly furnishings and accessories as it has been for its effortlessly cool fashion.

If you're looking to see which other brands offer products similar to Urban Outfitters and expand on this aesthetic elsewhere, we found 12 online and in-store options that have a similar mindset toward a casual and clean look. Whether you're researching ways to refresh a bedroom, overhaul a kitchen, or detail a living space, these 12 stores are sure to have a few stylish surprises to offer.

1. Burrow

Much like the midcentury finds that Urban Outfitters offers, the flat-pack furniture company Burrow sells the same type of minimalist furniture that you can personalize to your tastes and needs. Think sofas, armchairs, and sectionals. Besides furniture, Burrow also has a collection of throws and pillows to round out this living space necessity.

2. Anthropologie

If Urban Outfitters is primarily for the effortlessly cool set, then Anthropologie is for those with slightly more sophisticated tastes. Often set within walking distance from the other in shopping malls, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie share the same eye for on-trend pieces—but the latter tends to be more expensive. Nevertheless, if you're looking for high-gloss home pieces that still have a bohemian touch to them, Anthropologie is the way to go. 

3. West Elm

West Elm is like Anthropologie's cousin: equally fashionable, but with perhaps a little more polish. This store, which is also no stranger to shopping malls, is best at basics. All types of sleek furnishes can be found here—from perennially chic chairs to variegated glassware—and most things come in a number of options. Consider this store when impressing visiting family members is high on your priority list.

4. Target

It's hard not to roam the aisles of Target's home section without falling in love with something, whether it's a rustic furniture piece from the Hearth and Hand or a small-space wonder from Project 62. Target also mirrors Urban Outfitters in that it's filled with "fast fashion" goods—meaning that if you want to try a trend out for a short period, filling your cart with its of-the-moment items is a safe bet.

5. The Citizenry

Urban Outfitters has come to embody a certain wayward traveler persona to its home items—as if its ideal shopper is also someone who furnishes a home with items collected from throughout the world. The Citizenry takes that lived-in look further by actually sourcing its products globally. The company finds artisans from various faraway locales, like India, Morocco, and Vietnam, and sells their collections of vibrant and comfortable goods. There's a wide array of items to choose from, but the textiles and side chairs are best-sellers. 

6. Schoolhouse Electric

A room's design isn't complete without proper lighting, and Schoolhouse Electric takes that sentiment and makes it, well, cool. For the last few years, this company has paralleled Urban Outfitters in creating the type of lighting options that any modern aesthetic would benefit from. Aside from its much-buzzed-about pendants, Schoolhouse Electric also sells furniture, hardware, and accessories that'll give a home a highbrow finish. 

7. MoMA Design Store

Speaking of highbrow, that's probably an adjective that can come to mind when describing modern art. But as it turns out, the MoMA Design Store is also known for its fun, daring, and all-around delightful pieces, which range from colorful rugs and modern seating to bright accessories and entertaining tech. Consider this home option if you're looking for guests to ask you where you found a certain exciting item.

8. H&M Home

You know how Urban Outfitters has furnishing options that come and go quickly? That's also the case with H&M Home since the same fast-fashion rules apply to its living section. Once again, minimalist furniture is mostly what you'll find here—clean lines and sharp finishes abound—and everything is set at reasonable prices. If anything, H&M Home is worth a scroll if only to check out its linens and small accessories. It has plenty of good-looking options to round out a space.

9. Parachute

If you're interested in quality linens and you don't mind paying a premium price for them, then Parachute is your store. As one of the first direct-to-consumer home brands, Parachute has distinguished itself for quality sheets that are worth every penny. And aside from super-soft linens, the company sells mattresses, too.

10. World Market

If you want color, beads, tassels, and distressed finishes that push for a home to have some personality, then World Market is for you. This popular store sells everything a home would need—especially for those on a budget—and does it with an eye for vibrant details.

11. Ikea

While Ikea is still a place to go if you're looking for functional home goods that get the job done, maybe you haven't heard that Ikea has developed a keen eye for style, too, from living area pieces that can withstand multiple moves to kitchen cabinetry that can be custom-made for your needs—thanks to smaller outposts like Semihandmade

12. Hayneedle

If you like the eclectic feel of Urban Outfitters, but also appreciate more traditional touches, Hayneedle incorporates both of those tastes into its expansive collection of items for every room in the home, making it easy to change styles according to your shifting tastes.

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