This Rattan Décor Line Is So Popular That Urban Outfitters Can't Keep It Stocked

Rattan furniture line by Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters might have originally gained a reputation as a go-to website for dorm décor and inexpensive home accessories, but the retailer is gaining serious clout in the design world.

Take, for example, its "Marte" furniture line. We first learned about the stunning nine-piece in-house label when Brady Tolbert, editorial director at Emily Henderson Designs, called it out in a 2018 post on his blog website. It seems that he's not the only one who loved the bohemian rattan furniture in the line.

Urban Outfitters recently named it as one of its best-selling collections, and now it's finally back in stock. Shop Urban Outfitters' best-selling décor line, "Marte," below before it sells out again.

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Marte Platform Bed

Marte Platform Bed
Urban Outfitters Marte Platform Bed $799
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Marte Storage Cabinet

Marte storage cabinet
Urban Outfitters Marte Storage Cabinet $749
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Marte Lounge Chair

Marte lounge chair
Urban Outfitters Marte Lounge Chair $399
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Marte 6-Drawer Dresser

Marte 6-drawer dresser
Urban Outfitters Marte 6-Drawer Dresser $899
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Marte Nightstand

Marte nightstand
Urban Outfitters Marte Nightstand $179
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Marte Display Wall Shelf

Marte display wall shelf
Urban Outfitters Marte Display Wall Shelf $29
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Marte Media Console

Marte media console
Urban Outfitters Marte Media Console $449

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