My Coffee Table Setup Is a Bit Nontraditional, But I Couldn't Love It More

Pink couch and two coffee tables.

House of Harvee

When my beloved marble coffee table top recently cracked and broke into pieces during a Monday afternoon rearranging session, I was bummed to say the least. However, I took it as a sign, and had to admit that a not-so-small part of me was eager to welcome a new opportunity to design my space. 

While I had every intention of holding out for the perfect rectangular table that would run the majority of the length of my sofa, my plans changed while I was browsing Zara Home. I always enjoy pursuing the retailer’s new furniture arrivals—their pieces are seriously hidden gems—and right away, a gorgeous round marble table caught my eye. Right away, I noticed the piece was available in two sizes, and I suddenly had an idea: why not place both tables side by side for a contemporary, asymmetrical look? 

Round Marble Coffee Table.
Zara Home Round Marble Coffee Table $149.00

The tables arrived within a couple of days and required minimal assembly. All I had to do was screw the legs on, which took a matter of minutes. Because they’re made from real marble, they’re quite heavy, so keep that in mind before ordering if your building doesn’t have an elevator.

Though the taller of the tables doesn’t stand high enough to allow the lower table to nest underneath it, this doesn’t bother me. It’s been nice to use the larger table to hold functional items—my laptop while watching a show on the sofa, for example—while the smaller piece makes for the perfect surface to set a vase, candle, and trinket dish. And when I eventually entertain again, the smaller table can easily be pulled to the side so that those sitting on my living room bench will have a hard surface handy to set plates and drinks. 

Though the tables I purchased lean a bit more contemporary than my former piece due to their mid-century modern style wooden legs, I love the flair that they add to my living room. Since these pieces don’t feature shelves, I’ve taken a more minimalistic approach to styling them, and I’m already a fan of the more simplistic look. My living room built-ins, which are full of books and knick knacks, are quite busy, so a more pared down coffee table display serves as a welcome contrast.

While I’ll always admire traditional, rectangular pieces, I’m enjoying experimenting with a new look in my space, especially while spending more time in the living room than ever.