I Can't Believe It's Not Wood! Amazing Furniture Made From Paper

1383391190hppfslide1 Woodturning, a form of woodworking  that cuts and shapes wood on a lathe as it's turning, is one of the oldest techniques in furniture making. It's so classic, it's hard to imagine it being anything but traditional. But British design studio Utopia & Utility has managed to make turned wood modern by completely reinventing the lathe -- or the wood, actually. The brand's Processed Paper Cabinets and Harlequin Paper Furniture have legs made from stacks of discarded paper sheets that are glued as a roll, dried, and then turned on a lathe to make pieces that resemble traditional turned-wood legs. While they may look like art pieces with their intriguing shots of color, they're actually sturdy enough to sit on. And shouldn't you be so lucky...the brand's Harlequin Paper Stools are available through Chariots on Fire for $760 each.
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