Real Estate Envy: 7 Dreamy Vacation Homes

Summer is officially here, and we'll be sneaking a vacation day or two the first chance we get. If we had it our way, we'd have an incredible private vacation home of our own to escape to -- perhaps in Greece or the French Riviera? Here to guide us to our ultimate getaway house is Alex Brunkhorst, LA-based real estate agent and founder of Bungalux, who has spotlighted seven breathtaking vacation homes around the world. Click through to find your dream escape!
1a 1. Greek Island Villa Location: Mykonos, Greece Price: $5.7 million Listing Type: Single Family Beds/Baths: 5/5.1 Year Built: 2000 Bragging Rights: Chosen by AD as one of its favorite houses. Professional Opinion: This is my friend's beautiful summer house. Yep, I choose my friends wisely.
2 2. Colony Contemporary Location: Malibu, CA Price: $14.995 million Listing Type: Single Family Beds/Baths: 3/3.1 Year Built: 1968 Bragging Rights: Malibu. Professional Opinion: This is in that super-wide part of the Colony Beach just outside the gates. In my humble opinion, it's the best spot in Malibu. This one will go fast.
Hyannis1.jpg.647x431_q100_crop 3. Cape Cod Traditional Location: Hyannis Port, MA Price: $4.995 million Listing Type: Single Family Beds/Baths: 5/4.1 Year Built: 1895 Bragging Rights: 220 feet of beach. Professional Opinion: So, there was that rumor that Taylor Swift bought in Hyannis Port to be closer to the Kennedys. You know what we have to say about that? If I had the money, I'd do the same darn thing.
bay05.jpg.647x431_q100_crop 4. Bali in Newport Beach Location: Newport Beach, California Price: $21.9 million Listing Type: Single Family Beds/Baths: 5/7 Year Built: 2003 Bragging Rights: Perched on a small private island. Professional Opinion: The OC was one of my favorite shows ever, and this is one of my favorite ways to do the OC.
lake9.jpg.647x431_q100_crop 5. Midwestern Lake House Location: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Price: $3.695 million Listing Type: Single Family Beds/Baths: 8/11.4 Year Built: 1928 Bragging Rights: That gorgeous 1920's façade speaks for itself. No bragging necessary. Professional Opinion: Okay, so I'm still a Milwaukee girl at heart. I love this old lake house near my hometown.
carol_11.jpg.647x431_q100_crop 6. Coco Chanel's French Riviera Home Location: Roquebrune Cap Martin, France Price: Inquire Listing Type: Single Family Beds/Baths: 7/6 Year Built: NA Bragging Rights: Built for Coco Chanel, and former dinner guests like Duke of Westminster, Igor Stravinsky, Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Paul Iribe, Salvador Dali and Luchino Visconti. Professional Opinion: No professional opinion necessary here. If it's good enough for Coco, it's good enough for the rest of us.
day9.jpg.647x431_q100_crop 7. Santa Barbara Modern Location: Santa Barbara, CA Price: $12.9 million Listing Type: Single Family Beds/Baths: 3/2 Year Built: NA Bragging Rights: That killer view. Professional Opinion: Sure, Santa Barbara is known for its 1920s Spanish mansions, but what's wrong with throwing a great modern in the mix every once in a while?
Photographs: Sotheby's Homes