6 Last-Minute Valentine's Breakfast Ideas You Can Count On

The weeks have a way of racing by at top speed, and special occasions tend to creep up faster than expected, leaving us little time to prepare. When it comes to February 14—yes, it's on Wednesday—it may be helpful to have some Valentine's breakfast ideas on hand, whether you want to celebrate that day, the weekend after, or any other time. There's something to be said about a more leisurely breakfast since we're usually eating while we buzz around getting ready (or at our desk once we get to work).

This Valentine's Day could be a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy a relaxing morning meal beyond the usual scrambled eggs or avocado toast. Pamper someone (whether that's an S.O. or yourself) with something you normally wouldn't make or eat. Some suggestions include a savory update to a yogurt parfait, ricotta fried eggs with homemade naan, and vegan chocolate chip pancakes. For our full lineup of Valentine's breakfast recipes, keep scrolling. With one of these six delicious picks, you can't go wrong.

Vanilla Roasted Root Vegetable Yogurt Parfaits

valentine's breakfast ideas
Root and Revel

We're all about prepping in advance, and this root vegetable yogurt parfait recipe lets you do just that. Roast your beets and butternut squash infused with Madagascar vanilla extract and cinnamon-flavored ghee the night before. In the morning, layer your veggies atop organic full-fat yogurt, stir in some nut butter, and then top with your favorite granola for an oh so perfect parfait for two.

Ricotta Naan Fried Eggs With Sweet Potato Fries

valentine's day breakfast ideas
Half Baked Harvest

We had you at sweet potato fries for breakfast, right? A fried egg and avocado toast get a fancy twist with the substitution of naan (homemade if you have the time), some ricotta, sesame, and a paprika chili oil. And don't forget to drizzle everything—including the sweet potato fries—with the lemon-and-honey mixture. Savory and sweet, indeed.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Pancakes

valentine's food ideas
Minimalist Baker

Vegan chocolate chip pancakes are made with a combo of oat flour, mashed banana, and almond flour (and boy, are they fluffy). Cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips give them a double-punch of chocolate that's just so good. Heat up some maple syrup for the ultimate topping.

Berry Pizza Recipe

valentine's day food ideas
Hello Glow

A homemade chickpea crust makes this unlikely breakfast pizza even healthier. What else makes it unique? It’s packed with blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, plus has a ricotta, honey, and pine-nut glaze. (By the way, it just so happens to be gluten-free.)

One-Hour Cinnamon Rolls With Eggnog

valentine's day treats
How Sweet Eats

You can prep these delectable cinnamon rolls the night before V-Day, and then pop them in the oven in the morning. They have the same cinnamon goodness you're used to, but an eggnog glaze makes them holiday-worthy, especially when served warm. (PS: They may be packed with sugar, but there's nothing wrong with indulging once in a while.)

Chocolate Chip Creamy Pear Oatmeal

valentine's day recipes
Sugar Salted

This isn't the instant oatmeal you remember from your childhood. Chocolate chip creamy pear oatmeal is served porridge-style, made by cooking the oats, milk, and grated fresh pear together on the stovetop. Fold in the chocolate chips at the very end (yes, they'll melt just the right amount).

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