5 Ways to Make Your Sweetheart Feel Special This Valentine's Day

We are feeling the love in our office these days and to help share the sentiment, we called in an expert. Simone LeBlanc, founder of the boutique gift-giving studio by the same name, knows how to pick 'em. "These gifts aren't just about the products, but also about the moments and moods they create," LeBlanc says. "Think that sounds sappy? Well think again, because I've got some goods that are all about togetherness and are sure to make your loved one feel seriously special." Read on for her gift picks for this Valentine's Day, or any day you want to spread the love.  
books For the Bookworm If your partner has a long history of literary love, consider giving them a personalized collection of their favorite works. "Show how well you know what these stories mean to them by creating a custom library with personalized jackets from Juniper Books," LeBlanc says. "They also have pre-assembled sets of classics if it's too tough to narrow down their favorites." Be sure to cap off your evening with a private reading, preferably snuggled up to a roaring fireplace.Set of 12 Leather Bound Classics, $300, Juniper Books
map For the Globetrotter Have you traveled extensively as a couple, or does your honey have a case of wanderlust? "Adorn a chic typographic map, like this one by Design Ahoy, with multi-colored pins that mark the places you've been separately, those you've been to together, and your dream destinations to come," LeBlanc suggests. Typographic Black World Map, $170, Design Ahoy
box For the Culinary Artist If your sweetheart is a wiz in the kitchen, gift them a box of edible goodies. "We've done the shopping and have gathered some of our favorite delicacies from around the world into one box," LeBlanc says. "There's one for the ladies, where each element is infused with flowers, and one for the gentlemen, that focuses on potent ingredients with flavors distilled to their finest and strongest form." The beloved foodie in your life won't be able to keep his or her paws off of this one. You & Me Box, from $175, Simone LeBlanc
valet For the Dapper Gent Does he like small batch bourbon, prefers heritage denim, and wears his father's vintage Rolex? "Further appeal to your man's nostalgic side and let his sartorial dreams shine with La Cordonnerie Anglaise's shoe shine valet box," LeBlanc suggests. "While some modern men may not make time for shines, this gift will make your high-style beau feel refined and gentlemanly." Groom Valet Box, $375, A Fine Pair of Shoes
letter For the Hopeless Romantic Though we're firmly in the age of the sweet nothings text message, this Valentine's Day, draw on your beloved's penchant for the romantic. "A love letter is tried and true, simple and sophisticated," LeBlanc says. "Elevate your hand-written note by having it transcribed in calligraphy courtesy of paperfinger. Write out a couple of sentences, a list of let-me-count-the-ways or even just a few words of sentiment." Open this one together to watch how your words move them. Custom Calligraphy Love Letter, from $200, paperfinger
To learn more about Simone and her boutique gift-giving services, head to Simone LeBlanc. For additional Valentine's Day-themed gifts, stories, and giveaways, head to our Valentine's Day headquarters. _header -- By Liz Lynch Photograph: Robert Doisneau