Hint, Hint: 16 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 Our Editors Secretly Want

Updated 05/08/19

Regardless of whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a significant other, best friend, or solo, everyone could do with a little thoughtful gift. After all, the buzz of the holidays has subsided, the glitter from New Year's celebrations has settled, and we're well into the throes of winter. So if there was ever a time for a little self-love, it's now.

You certainly don't need to tell us twice—given the hours our editorial team spends curating both gift guides and shopping collections, there are always a few special items that our editors put on their wish lists. Ahead MyDomaine's editors share a few favorites on their Valentine's Day gift lists, all under $100. Go on and treat yourself.

Anine Bing Delicate Lace Bra
Anine Bing Delicate Lace Bra $99

"I love Anine Bing's lingerie line. Her bras are impeccably made, wireless, and have the softest lace (no itching here). I love wearing them with a slip silk dress so you can see a little of the lace peeping out from underneath. So elegant."

Byredo Rose Hand Cream
Byredo Rose Hand Cream $71

"I've been obsessed with rose scents lately, but not the typical fragrance you're used to. This one's denser and almost as if the rose petals have been slightly squashed and fermented or bruised. Living in L.A., my hands are always dry, especially now in the winter, so I'd love to have this beautiful cream on hand (mind the pun)."

Mejuri Star Signet
Mejuri Star Signet $59

"I've been eyeing this 18K gold vermeil signet ring for months, but I haven't found an excuse to treat myself to it yet. I own another ring and necklace by Mejuri too, and found the quality to be incredible given the low price tag."

Aesop Marrakech Intense Eau de Toilette
Aesop Marrakech Intense Eau de Toilette $85

"Mellow and raw with earthy wood tones, this Aesop fragrance reminds me of a trip to upstate New York with my S.O."

Ash Kahn Card
Ash Kahn Card $6

"I love getting heartfelt cards. This one would be nice, especially if someone wrote a long paragraph inside of it."

Six Flags Season Pass
Six Flags Season Pass $85

"I've been dying to go to a theme park but haven't renewed my Six Flags season pass in a while (seriously). I'm hoping my boyfriend surprises me with a day of upside-down roller coasters for Valentine's Day."

Alison Roman Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes
Alison Roman Dining In $17

"Alison Roman's cookbook is at the top of my wish list. It was sold out on Amazon for weeks, but it's finally back in stock."

Gldn Circle Friendship Necklace Set
Gldn Circle Friendship Necklace Set $34

"I think this modern take on a friendship necklace would make a really sweet gift for a girlfriend. The pieces fit together to form a complete circle, symbolizing endless love (but without looking cheesy)."

Cuyana Heart Cosmetics Case
Cuyana Heart Cosmetics Case $95

"I don't use many cosmetic products, so this little case would be perfect for keeping my few go-to items safe and ready to travel with me."

Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts
Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts $18

"When I think of Valentine's Day, I think about showing myself some love. These bath salts would make for a lovely, relaxing evening in."

Journelle Charlotte Tap Short
Journelle Charlotte Tap Short $68

"I'm usually one to sleep in old T-shirts and shorts, but sometimes you just want to look cute. I've been eyeing Journelle's Charlotte camisole and tap shorts in navy silk to upgrade my usual sleepwear."

P.E Nation Printed Stretch-Cotton Jersey Tank
P.E Nation Printed Stretch-Cotton Jersey Tank $80

"One can never have too many workout tops, especially early in the year when resolutions are still standing strong. I love this pink top from P.E Nation to layer over a workout bra."

Diptyque Rose Delight Candle
Diptyque Rose Delight Candle $68

"I can never have enough Diptyque anything! Between the rose scent and the beautiful pattern on the glass container, this limited-edition candle feels perfect for the occasion."

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask
Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask $45

"I've been thinking about buying this Slip silk face mask for a while now. I can't sleep without an eye cover anymore, and this one feels chic and luxurious."

Reliquia Hoop and Loop Earrings
Reliquia Hoop and Loop Earrings $129

"These earrings are just expensive enough that I wouldn't offhandedly buy them for myself, but they would make a perfect gift. I've always loved statement earrings, and I also love the art-deco vibe of this pair."

Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment
Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment $58

"Whether you're buying for yourself, your best friend, or your significant other, a little self-indulgence can go a long way. I love the look and name of this night treatment from Herbivore Botanicals. Who doesn't want a midwinter pick-me-up?"

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