10 Valentine's Desserts to Fall in Love With

Out of all the major holidays, Valentine's Day takes the cake for being the cheesiest. But if you take away the contrived romance, heart-shaped traditions, and general air of mushiness, the underlying sentiment of celebrating all forms of love is actually quite nice. Besides, Valentine's Day often involves a lot of sweets, and a passion for dessert is probably the purest form of love there is. As such, we gathered 10 delightful and delicious Valentine's desserts for you to try. They're so good, in fact, they'll be the highlight of your holiday, no matter your relationship status. Click through below to pick your favorite recipe and get ready to devour perfection in every bite.

double-chocolate Dutch baby
The Modern Proper

Chocolate lovers, rejoice. This double-chocolate Dutch baby from The Modern Proper is the ideal dessert recipe to follow for a festive, decadent end to your Valentine's Day meal. It's sort of like an extra-fluffy pancake made with chocolate batter instead of buttermilk and doused in cacao powder–infused maple syrup and a dollop of vanilla bean whipped cream. 

Valentine's cookies
Half Baked Harvest

Whether you want to decorate Valentine's cookies with friends and family or you're simply looking for a killer sugar cookie recipe, this option from Half Baked Harvest fits the bill. They're super light and fluffy thanks to the secret ingredient (cream cheese). Balanced with aromatic vanilla flavors and sweet icing, you'll make these again and again. 

sweet and spicy nectarine crisp
Salt and Wind

This sweet and spicy nectarine crisp from Salt and Wind is like your favorite all-American pie, only better. This recipe puts a twist on the classic dessert and only requires about 15 minutes of hands-on time. 

dark chocolate peanut butter blossoms
Sugar Salted

These dark chocolate peanut butter blossoms from Sugar Salted might be the best cookies on the planet. Tender and chewy in the center with a lightly crunchy shell, they'll melt in your mouth. The dark chocolate also adds the perfect touch of bitter flavor. So if you and your loved ones have a thing for peanut butter, definitely give this recipe a try.

chocolate passion fruit cupcake
The First Mess

For a vegan-friendly Valentine's dessert, try this chocolate passion fruit cupcake recipe from The First Mess. The light coconut whip frosting suits the fluffy cake and contrasts well with the chewiness and tangy flavor of the passion fruit seeds. The combination is unexpectedly delicious and unique. What could be more fitting for a night of celebrating love and passion?

raspberry cookie sandwiches
Spoon Fork Bacon

This mouthwatering recipe for raspberry cookie sandwiches is brought to us by Spoon Fork Bacon. To make them taste even sweeter, follow these directions for a DIY Valentine's Day package to display them in.

chocolate soufflé
Britt Maren

For a classic Valentine's Day dessert, whip up this soufflé recipe from Britt Maren. If you've never made a soufflé from scratch before, don't be intimated by the fancy reputation. They're actually pretty easy to execute with the right high-quality ingredients and simple instructions.

cardamom, vanilla, and coffee crème brûlée
Salt and Wind

If you're up for a challenge since it's a special occasion, follow this recipe from Salt and Wind. It may look like your average crème brûlée (although let's be real, all crème brûlée is extraordinary, not just average), but it features some unexpected deliciousness like cardamom, vanilla, and coffee.

Minimalist Baker

Here's another vegan option from Minimalist Baker, though the recipe is so delicious that anyone would love it. These seven-ingredient cheesecakes are sweet, slightly tart, smooth, and creamy. Decide between a blueberry, caramel, or peanut butter filling, or try all three.

healthy, delicious hot chocolate
Half Baked Harvest

This recipe from Half Baked Harvest is the multitasker of all multitaskers. It's a deliciously sweet dessert while also being a healthy beverage that boasts some holiday flair. Packed with superfoods like cacao powder, chia seeds, maca powder, and beets (which also give it a fitting pink pigment), this hot chocolate is great for anyone looking to indulge their sweet tooth while staying healthy. And the heart-shaped caramelized honey brioche is the finishing touch that sets it apart. Add some coffee and cayenne if you're feeling bold.

chocolate chip cookie cake
The Modern Proper

The only thing better than a chocolate chip cookie or a slice of cake is a giant chocolate chip cookie cake in a pastel-pink skillet. If you've already jumped out of your seat in excitement, just wait—it gets even better. This recipe from The Modern Proper features a touch of sea salt and calls for dark chocolate to contrast with the sweet cookie base and ice cream scoop on top.

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