Valspar Picked Not One but 12 Colors of the Year for 2020


 Courtesy of Valspar

There are very few constants in the world, but one thing I can always count is the autumn announcements of each paint brand's Color of the Year. Obviously the choices themselves come as a surprise, but we always know they're coming, and I wait with bated breath for each release. So, it should come as no surprise that Valspar's decision to choose 12 Colors of the Year for 2020—instead of just one—makes my color-obsessed heart even happier.

The 12 shades run the gamut from a dusty rose to a soft blue, but the one thing they all have in common is their inspiration. According to Sue Kim, Valspar's Color Designer, they're all inspired by nature. Additionally, each hue is subdued and livable, so adding them to your home won't feel like a huge risk. That accessibility is also one of the reasons Valspar chooses multiple Colors of the Year. The team knows that not everyone will respond positively to the same colors, so having multiple options is ideal.

So, what did 2020 colors trends look like according to Valspar? Read on to see all 12 shades pictured in real homes.

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Winter Calm

living room


Valspar describes this greige shade as "soothing and warm, bringing a comforting sophistication to a space."

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Mint Whisper



"This crisp hue brings a sense of peace—and nature’s positivity—indoors," according to the Valspar team. Combine it with fresh greenery for a nature-inspired space.

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Canyon Earth



This dusty peach makes a great option for an entryway door. According to Valspar, it's "an elegant hue reminiscent of the desert, nature’s prescription for less stress."

Pair this one with beige, tan, and lots of pattern for a Southwestern-inspired space.

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Grey Brook

dining room


"This pale blue welcomes you into a space like a cozy warm blanket," according to the Valspar team. It's perfect for dining rooms, breakfast nooks, and bedrooms.

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Tempered Sage

dining nook


This muted lime green shade is a great way to "embrace a calming balance" at home. And is a great choice to brighten up a breakfast nook.

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Desert Fortress

living room


Valspar describes this shade as "a comforting tone that leaves a blank canvas to fill with our own interpretation."

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Secluded Garden

green wall


Valspar describes this green hue as "a vibrant jewel tone that creates a nostalgic sanctuary in a fresh, new way."

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Bombay Pink

home office


Not to be confused with millennial pink, Valspar describes this blush tone as "a mature pink that is confidently cheerful like a spring sunset."

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Pale Powder

living room


According to Valspar, this dusty apricot color is a "fresh take on a warm neutral inspired by handmade authenticity."

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Utterly Blue

blue wall


The Valspar team describes this blue "that’s calming like a sea breeze," making it a great choice for a bathroom or bedroom.

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Crushed Out

living room


Afraid of color? This neutral is for you. "This hushed blush with a slight tint of pink brings a fresh new take on off-white," according to Valspar.

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Secret Moss



"Naturally therapeutic, this dusky moss green creates a calming escape in any room," according to the Valspar team. We love how it creates a serene vibe in this bedroom.