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19 Useful and Pretty Ways to Organize Your Vanity

vanity organization ideas

house of chais

The vanity is often the hub of activity in the morning-getting-ready-session, and its surfaces often reflect that, as they are covered in countless bottles, jars and tools. But the frequently-used vanity doesn't need to be a mess. With the right inspiration and approach, a bathroom vanity can be organized to not only look better, but to perform better too. Keep reading to see our favorite vanity organization ideas.

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Use a Countertop Organizer

countertop organizer vanity organization ideas

neat by meg

Countertop organizers are a great way to store lots of small things on vanities without having to worry about clutter. Clear organizers let you quickly see and find what you need, while opaque ones can tone down any visual busy-ness.

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Add a Vanity Space

vanity organization ideas add a vanity

pure salt interiors

Looking for a vanity that will stand out? Consider adding a dedicated vanity space to your bathroom, like what's in the space above from Pure Salt Interiors. This will provide more storage for makeup and other getting-ready necessities, and it will make your bathroom all the more luxurious-feeling too.

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Mimic Hardware

vanity organization ideas hardware matching

pure salt interiors

When picking out décor that can be used for vanity storage, take a hint from your hardware and look for items that have a similar finish. For example, glass drawer pulls pair perfectly with glass jars and dishes, while brass knobs look nice alongside brass trays and boxes.

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Go Long

vanity organization ideas long vanity

anne sage

If you're lucky enough to have a long vanity, make sure you use all the counter space it provides. Rather than stacking all your bathroom items and décor to one side, use the length of the countertop to display and organize them. This will prevent it from feeling too busy and cluttered.

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Try a Thin Shelf

vanity organization ideas thin shelving

anne sage

Adding shelving near your vanity can add to its storage capacity and style—especially if you pick one that's as pretty as the one in the bathroom above from Anne Sage. A thin shelf will often look best, especially if the shelf sits above a faucet or sink.

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Try a Window

vanity organization ideas window shelving

emily henderson

Sometimes, your vanity will have almost no countertop for storage at all. If that's the case, don't fret. Use your drawers and cabinets to store what you need, and if you still want to display an item or two, take a page out of Emily Henderson's playbook—add some display shelving to a window.

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Don't Forget Drawers

vanity organization ideas drawers

neat by meg

Vanity countertops aren't the only thing that need to be organized—drawers should be organized too. This can be done with the help of small bins or drawer organizers, which give each item a home and keep the interior looking neat and tidy.

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Pick Your Favorites

vanity organization ideas small display

a fresh space

When deciding what to organize on a vanity, it's best not to bring out your entire perfume or lipstick collection. Instead, pick a few favorites to display and keep the rest organized out of sight. After a few months, switch the displayed items out to give your vanity a new look.

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Try a Mirrored Organizer

vanity organization ideas mirrored organizer

a fresh space

Mirrored organizers offer a fun way to play with light, as well some great vanity storage. These shimmering storage solutions provide a luxe look to any bathroom and are a great pick should you want to up the elegance of your space.

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Buy a Matching Set

vanity organization ideas matching set

house of chais

If you're looking to use a variety of containers and dishes on your vanity, but don't want to deal with the hassle of curating a perfectly-mismatched look, save yourself the trouble and buy items from the same set. An easy, coordinated look with half the effort.

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Use Glass Storage

vanity organization ideas glass storage

emily henderson

Glass storage is a great alternative to opaque ceramic jars. They let you see what's hiding inside them (making things easier to find for you) and they allow the stored items to become decor themselves. To make sure this doesn't look too cluttered, use items of similar colors in glass jars like white cotton balls and Q-tips.

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Use Greenery

vanity organization ideas greenery

house of chais

A touch of greenery, whether it's a few eucalyptus twigs or a couple of your favorite blooms, can go a long way in adding some life to your vanity. For a statement look, pick larger foliage in a bold vase. For something subtle, pair a bud vase with a flower or two.

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Install a Small Shelf

vanity organization ideas small shelf

arbor & co

Even the smallest shelf above your vanity can add to its style and its organization. Small shelves are a helpful way to store the necessities, like cotton swabs, your favorite perfume or some hand soap.

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Play With Color and Texture

maximalist vanity organization ideas

arbor & co

Your vanity storage doesn't need to be pared-down and minimalist—you can also have a little maximalist fun with it too. Play around with color and texture until you find a look you like, and don't be afraid to embrace a little 'clutter.'

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Add Open Shelving

vanity storage ideas open shelving

cathie hong interiors

Open shelving on your vanity can add a unique touch and allow you to show off your favorite linens or bathroom decor. Open shelving can be added along the length of vanity, or it can added in the middle or to one side.

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Go Vertical

vanity organization ideas vertical

emily henderson

Narrow and small vanities can often prevent storage challenges, as there may not be much space to store or display anything! But with a little outside-the-box thinking, you can still have a stylish storage solution. Focus on using vertical countertop space, rather than horizontal space, to store what you need.

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Repurpose Décor

vanity storage ideas repurpose decor

cathie hong interiors

Repurposing décor from other areas of the home, like a small bowl from the kitchen or a vase from the living room, can bring unique storage solutions to the bathroom that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Plus, it's a great way to add storage without having to buy anything extra.

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Use Other Surfaces

use other surfaces vanity organization ideas

emily henderson

Vanity storage can also be extended with the help of other bathroom surfaces, like the top of a toilet. A wooden rack or long dish placed on top of the toilet makes it feel like it's a part of the vanity and adds some spacial definition and style.