9 Vegan Cookbooks to Jump-Start Your New Year's Health Resolutions

Updated 04/29/19

Every year like clockwork, we resolve to adopt healthier habits. Whether it's committing to meatless Mondays or waking up earlier to reap the benefits of exercise, there's something about the promise of a fresh start that inspires change. If you're looking for plant-based recipes to add to your repertoire this year, then you've landed on the right article. Here we look back on our favorite vegan cookbooks of 2017, ranging from a cookbook dedicated to dairy-free cheeses to a do-it-yourself juicing guide. Ahead are the accessible recipe collections that are inspiring us to jump-start our new year's health resolutions.

Trust us—even staunch carnivores need these nine vegan cookbooks in their kitchens in 2018. (Yes, really.)

the greenhouse cookbook

The founders of the wildly popular Greenhouse Juice Co., a Canada-based cold-pressed juicery, reveal recipes for their most-ordered juices, smoothies, tonics, cleanses, and more in The Greenhouse Cookbook.

field roast

Chef Tommy McDonald has long been hailed as a pioneer in the vegan food space. In Field Roast, he divulges 15 plant-based meat recipes, ranging from everyday stand-ins for beef and chicken to holiday-worthy vegan roasts, along with 100 different ways to use those meats.

naturally nourished

In the aptly named Naturally Nourished, Sarah Britton shares accessible and affordable plant-based recipes home cooks can make any day of the week on any budget. Though the recipes are mostly vegetarian, she offers vegan-friendly (and even gluten-free) substitutions for nearly every recipe.

the blossom cookbook

The much-anticipated cookbook by the founders of one of New York's most popular vegan restaurants, Blossom, The Blossom Cookbook, divulges the recipes behind some of the chefs' most craveable dishes, including the lobster-mushroom crusted tofu and the fettuccine with cashew cream.

the first mess cookbook

We've been longtime admirers of Laura Wright's inspired, plant-based recipes, so when we heard she was coming out with a new book this year, we couldn't wait to get our hands on it. Trust us, you'll want to keep The First Mess Cookbook within arm's reach in your kitchen at all times.

vegan richa's everyday kitchen

With recipes ranging from one-pot peanut butter noodles to crispy kung pao cauliflower, Vegan Richa's Everyday Kitchen makes international cooking accessible for even the most inexperienced home cook (not to mention, even the most inexperienced vegan home cook).

vegan the cookbook

If you're looking to invest in just one vegan cookbook, Jean-Christian Jury's Vegan: The Cookbook should be it. The comprehensive collection includes nearly 500 recipes spanning flavors inspired by every corner of the globe, from Albania to Zambia.

this cheese is nuts

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to give up cheese if you decide to cut dairy out of your diet. You just have to get a bit creative. Enter: Julie Piatt's This Cheese Is Nuts, a cookbook dedicated to vegan-friendly cheese recipes using, you guessed it, nuts.

plantlab crafting the future of food

If you consider yourself a foodie, add Matthew Kenney's Plantlab to your cookbook collection stat. Filled with over 100 inventive recipes and creative techniques engineered and perfected in Kenney's Maine-based kitchen and lab, this cookbook takes vegan cooking to the next level.

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