Finally, a Pizza Crust That Won't Make You Bloat

Out of all the foods, pizza is usually a huge crowd-pleaser. That said, it's not always what we're craving if we want something light and nutrient-rich. (Plus, some of us have to steer clear of dairy, and finding vegan alternatives isn't that easy.) The solution? Cauliflower pizza crust and vegan, dairy-free toppings. We get it—the whole point of eating pizza is to indulge in the good stuff: carbs, cheese, and maybe even some sausage. But when executed correctly, vegan-friendly pizzas with cauliflower crust taste just as good as the real thing (if not better).

Aside from being low-calorie and grain-free, one cup of cauliflower has 73% of the daily value for vitamin C, 11% DV for fiber, and 9% DV for omega-3 fatty acids—among other important vitamins and minerals. Together these nutrients help prevent that sluggish feeling you get after one too many slices of pizza. But if cauliflower isn't up your alley, there are some chickpea flour options, too. Then just think of all the health benefits of the other veggie toppings involved in a vegan pizza. So whether you stick to a vegan diet or you're just looking for some new delicious healthy dinner ideas, you're in good hands with the 10 vegan pizza recipes below.