7 Protein-Packed Dinner Recipes That Are Actually Meat-Free

It took a serious health scare to prompt Jean-Christian Jury, an internationally acclaimed French chef, to try veganism. "After years of working 16-hour days, with no holidays, a poor diet, and very little sleep, I had my first heart failure, and just a few months later, a second one," he says. Since that moment, Jury shifted his approach to cooking, devoting much of his time to researching raw and vegan recipes that are heart-healthy and nutritionally balanced.

"For years, my goal has been to surprise non-vegans with delicious vegan recipes to show that meat isn't necessary for a flavorful and satisfying meal," he says. For that reason, Jury is poised to launch Vegan: The Cookbook, a collection of 450 recipes that proves vegan food isn't just healthy, but it can also be packed with flavor.

Thinking of going meat-free? Here Jury has given us a sneak peek at the best vegan dinner recipes from his new book—one for each day of the week. Consider this your guide to going vegan for seven days.

Vegans: What's your go-to weeknight recipe?