The 9 Vegetables That Cause Bloating More Than Any Others

Feeling bloated is kind of the worst. It can not only make you physically ill, it can take a toll on your mental state. This feeling of discomfort in your stomach is caused by food that stays in your digestive tract longer than it should, and surprisingly, it can be caused by healthy foods, too. That's why we decided to delve deeper into the vegetables that cause bloating. After all, who thought that eating healthy could make your stomach feel like it's going to pop?

According to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, Americans should be consuming about two to two and a half cups of vegetables per day. But certain vegetables are more likely to cause bloating, and get this—if you increase your intake of vegetables and your body isn't used to eating that many veggies, that can add to the problem. "That's because vegetables contain lots of fiber, which is fermented by bacteria in the colon (known as the intestinal microbiota), producing gas in the process," says Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN. "The more fiber you consume, the more gas and bloating may occur." In order to limit the vegetables that cause bloating, you need to know what they are. Keep reading to see which items are the culprits making it uncomfortable to zip up your favorite pair of jeans.