5 Seriously Good Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas (Even Meat Lovers Agree)

Updated 05/06/19

I can't help but associate breakfast time with delectable meat sides like bacon, sausage, and ham—but let's be honest, all of that isn't very good for us to be eating on the regular. The thing is that when you find the right vegetarian breakfast ideas, you'll never miss those meat-packed, greasy meals (okay, you might still want to splurge on them once in a while). The trouble with some vegetarian meals is that they aren't hearty enough to keep you full for more than a few hours, but we promise this isn't the case with these tasty selects.

We also decided to break it down by savory and sweet options because you're either in the mood for one or the other on any given day. And the good news is that only one of the dishes is egg-focused so you won't feel like you're eating the same thing every day. Scroll down to see the top vegetarian breakfast ideas you'll find yourself craving again and again.


Turkish Egg and Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

vegetarian breakfast ideas
Half Baked Harvest

We often eat a quinoa bowl for lunch or dinner, so why do we often forget about the filling grain when it comes to the a.m.? This Turkish-inspired dish is packed with flavor, including herbed yogurt, sun-dried tomato pesto, and poached eggs cooked in a toasted sesame butter sauce (um, yum). Top it off with some sliced avocado, spinach, toasted sesame seeds, and goat cheese, and you'll be full until lunch (or later).

Masala Spiced Tofu Scramble

vegetarian breakfast
Minimalist Baker

How do you make a breakfast scramble something worth getting out of bed for? To start, use tofu instead of eggs, and then be generous with the tandoori masala spice blend to get into an exotic state of mind. Pile on roasted veggies like cauliflower and lacinato kale, and then add some kalamata olives. Finish with a few sprigs of parsley and a drizzle of hot sauce.


No-Bake Healthy Fruit Tarts

vegetarian breakfast recipes
Chelsea's Messy Apron

If you're on the go, chances are that you don't have time to turn on the oven in the morning. Never fear—these delectably healthy fruit tarts don't require any baking time. Whip up the crust from almond butter, oats, and rice cereal, and then fill them with your favorite Greek yogurt (vanilla is always a good choice). Top with your favorite fruit—it's almost like having dessert for breakfast (almost).

Cherry Pear Baked Oatmeal

easy vegetarian breakfast
The Beach House Kitchen

If a granola bar's just not doing it for you, why not go for baked oatmeal instead? You can dish yourself up as large of a serving as you'd like, so it's quite a bit heartier. This homemade baked oatmeal calls for rolled oats, chopped pecans, dried cherries, and diced pears, plus some ingredients you'll have in the pantry (like baking powder). What we like is that this vegetarian breakfast idea cooks up all at once in one pan—no additional steps necessary.

Cinnamon Raisin Baked French Toast Cups

simple vegetarian breakfast
Foodie Crush

Day-old cinnamon raisin bread is the all-star ingredient in these simple French toast cups. Soak slices of it with eggs and half-and-half, and sprinkle it with pumpkin pie spice and brown sugar. When the liquid is absorbed, transfer the filling into butter-greased ramekins. You can keep the individual cups in the refrigerator if you want a just-baked version for breakfast. Whatever you do, just don't forget the syrup.

What do you think about these vegetarian breakfast ideas? Next, read about the butternut squash soup recipes you need to try.

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