4 Unexpected Vegetarian Burger Recipes That Are Simply Mouthwatering

Updated 05/06/19

For whatever reason, you've chosen to forgo meat for this meal—or every meal—but you still want all of the goodness of a burger (bun, juiciness, toppings). We've already discussed all the great premade options for when you're short on time, but these vegetarian burger recipes will come in handy when you want to whip up something special at home—and we don't just mean preheating the oven. Since it's recommended that you have about 10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, this is a pretty great way to get them in (veggies taste delicious in burger form).

We decided to steer away from your typical veggie burger that resembles a meat patty and went for options like portobello with avocado chimichurri; sweet potato, white bean, and tahini; roasted zucchini with feta; and sweet potato, rice, and black bean instead. Yes, we may have two sweet potato recipes (we're big fans), but each of these is out-of-the-box and has different flavors to offer. Whatever your mood, you'll be able to satisfy your taste buds with one of these unexpected vegetarian burger recipes.

Scroll down to see how to make them, and get cooking.

The Ultimate Date-Night Burger

vegetarian burger recipes

What makes this the ultimate date-night burger? We like to think that no matter how the night goes with your partner, at least you'll fall in love with one thing (this recipe, we mean). Baked sweet potatoes sans skin are mashed together with white beans, tahini, spinach, apple cider vinegar, and various spices, and baked for around 15 minutes. Serve it alongside fresh beet chips to make it special.

Portobello Mushroom Burger With Avocado Chimichurri

easy portobello burger
Foodie Crush

Veggie burgers are often packed with so many things to make up for the lack of filling meat—thankfully portobellos are pretty much a meal in themselves, even without toppings. In this recipe, brush the mushrooms with olive oil, and grill them until they become softer. Add cooked red peppers and onions, and top them off with a homemade avocado chimichurri with a hint of spiciness—delish.

Roasted Zucchini Burgers With Garlic Whipped Feta

simple zucchini burger
Half Baked Harvest

Yes, this veggie burger recipe requires a bit of prep work, but you can keep the patties uncooked in the fridge for a day or two (amazing). Begin by roasting zucchini, summer squash, and garlic, and then let the mixture cool before combining it in a food processor with quinoa, panko bread crumbs, basil, and spices. You must let the patties chill before baking or they will fall apart, but trust us, these tasty burgers are worth the wait.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger

sweet potato burger recipe
Minimalist Baker

This Southwestern-inspired vegetarian recipe kind of feels like a taco in burger form. When mixed together, the roasted sweet potatoes, rice, and black beans meld together into the heartiest patty around. Add all your favorite fixings like avocado and sprouts for a little something extra (don’t forget to freeze any leftovers for extra-busy weeks).

What are your favorite vegetarian burger recipes? Share your top picks with us in the comments.

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