9 Allergy-Free Easter Recipes the Whole Family Can Actually Eat

Potato latkes with smoked salmon


For many, Easter is synonymous with indulging in sweet treats and spending time with family. While that once meant plates of glutenous hot cross buns and chocolate eggs, the rise of food sensitivities like gluten and lactose intolerance means that not everyone can snack with abandon. Celiac disease has doubled in the last 20 years, and it's believed that over one million Americans follow a vegan diet, so it's likely that someone at your Easter table has a food preference. 

Subbing ingredients doesn't mean you have to compromise on flavor, though. We tapped the team at Food52, Minimalist Baker, and From the Kitchen to find out how they whip up a delicious Easter Brunch spread that everyone at the table can enjoy. From a gluten-free orange cake to dairy-free sweet treats, consider your Easter brunch menu sorted. 

The Gluten-Free Menu

The Savory Dish: Potato latkes with smoked salmon, feta cream cheese whip, and quick pickled red onions

The Sweet Treat: Gluten-free orange cake

The Drink: Mango, paw paw, and pineapple smoothie

Potato latkes with smoked salmon
From the Kitchen

Easter brunch spreads are typically glutenous, but there are a few delicious alternatives that satisfy celiacs and non-celiacs alike. Sarah Tuck, the force behind New Zealand blog From the Kitchen, recommends swapping bread-based breakfast dishes for ones with potato, sweet potato, or yams. These potato latkes are the perfect gluten-free alternative to pancakes. Top them with feta cream cheese and smoked salmon for a brunch-worthy touch. 

Gluten-free orange cake
From the Kitchen

Don't dismiss baked goods just because you're catering for a gluten-intolerant guest. This orange cake contains almond meal, orange syrup, and cocoa, in place of flour. The result is a dense, citrus slice that'll disappear from the table in minutes. 

Mango, paw paw, and pineapple smoothie
From the Kitchen

Few fruits or alcoholic mixers contain gluten, so there are a ton of options for drinks to serve in a gluten-free brunch menu. Tuck recommends a fresh fruit smoothie, like "Club Tropicana," which contains fresh pineapple, paw paw, mango, and coconut milk. 

The Lactose-Free Menu

The Savory Dish: Shakshuka focaccia

Shakshuka focaccia
James Ransom/Food52

Easter brunch can be rife with dairy, but there are lots of delicious alternatives that don't contain yogurt, milk, or cheese. Ali Slagle, Food52's books editor and stylist, recommends shakshuka focaccia, an "all in one breakfast, lunch, or dinner." The recipe might look fancy, but she insists it's quite simple. "Create nests for the sauce and eggs in a sheet pan of focaccia dough, then cut the finished bread into squares, each with an egg."

Sesame-rose-pistachio meringues
James Ransom/Food52

Next up: sweet treats. Finding a lactose-free Easter dessert recipe can prove challenging, but these sesame-rose-pistachio meringues tick all of the boxes. They're dairy-free, won't overpower your other brunch dishes, and are a welcome alternative to chocolate eggs. Top with chopped pistachios and dried rose petals for a picture-perfect dish. 

Lemon lavender gin rickey
James Ransom/Food52

You can't go wrong with this spring-appropriate lemon lavender gin rickey creation. "Having been around for over 100 years, with its combination of bubbles, booze, and acid, the gin rickey makes a strong case for the simple and storied," says Food52's partnerships editor Samantha Weiss Hills. Containing fresh lemon juice, honey, and lavender, it's basically spring in a cocktail. 

The Vegan Menu

The Sweet Treat: Peanut butter eggs

Roasted sweet potato and kale breakfast hash
Minimalist Baker

There's certainly no shortage of vegetarian and vegan Easter brunch ideas. Dana Shultz, the foodie behind Minimalist Baker, says this roasted sweet potato and kale breakfast hash recipe should be at the top of your list. It contains tofu scramble instead of scrambled eggs, so it's packed with protein, too. 

Peanut butter eggs
Minimalist Baker

Yes, chocolate treats can be vegan-friendly. These peanut butter eggs are sweetened with pitted dates and contain raw almonds and salted peanuts for taste and texture. 

Pear and cranberry champagne cocktail
Minimalist Baker

Not all wines are created equal. Some brands use gelatin, an animal bone by-product, and protein from animal or fish products in the winemaking process, which means they're not vegan-friendly. Check the label to make sure your dry champagne is vegan approved before making this light pear and cranberry champagne cocktail.

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What's on your Easter brunch menu this year? Share your favorite vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free recipes with us. 

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