10 Vegetarian Low-Carb Recipes That Are Simply Mouthwatering

There is an overabundance of vegetarian meals out there ready for you to prep for dinner tonight, but what we noticed was that most meat-free options included some form of pasta and were packed with bread or more pasta—proving the need for tasty low-carb vegetarian recipes. Whether you only participate in Meatless Mondays or you’re following a vegetarian diet, you don’t want to necessarily load up on carbs to replace your protein.

We love indulging in a hearty veggie mac ’n’ cheese or stuffed sweet potatoes once in a while, but we’re believers that moderation is key. When it comes to nights when you’re not indulging, what should you make? Keep scrolling for 10 delicious vegetarian low-carb recipes that are simple to whip up and easy to enjoy. Think zucchini ravioli, acorn squash soup, and cauliflower pizza with shaved asparagus. Time to start cooking.