Vera Wang Says It’s Okay to Fail

Updated 04/18/19
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In a recent interview piece in The Cut, fashion designer Vera Wang shares some interesting life advice. Wang believes that it’s okay to feel like a failure and that sometimes it’s better to walk away (even if it’s a good thing) and start something new. Wang looks back at her life and details her experience as a child ice-skating prodigy with aspirations of joining the Olympic team. “As hard as I tried and as hard as I worked, I never really achieved the level that I wished. It was a very hard realization that since I was in my late teens, I was never going to get better.

I wasn't going to make the Olympic team, and there were younger skaters coming up. So I quit,” Wang explains.

She then went on to be a successful and respected editor at Vogue, but came up against the same wall: “After 17 years at Vogue, I realized that what I was doing there was never going to change. My career wasn't going to go any further there. I wasn't in line to get the editor in chief job. And I was at a point where I felt there had to be more. So after investing yet another 15 years in a career that really meant something to me, I left.” Wang acknowledges that it was a painful decision to leave, but it ultimately led her to where she is now: happy and successful as the head designer of her own brand.

 “Don't be afraid of failing. I think not trying is worse than failing. Have the courage to try. Otherwise, what are we here for?” We couldn't agree more, Ms. Wang. 

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Do you agree with Vera Wang? Is it better to fail than to never try at all?

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