Versailles Gets a Modern Makeover

You may think the Palace of Versailles is stranger to change. However, it actually began as a mere hunting lodge, before a series of expansions by Louis XIV transformed it into the ultimate French chateau we know now. It is yet again set to go through another expansion. Dominique Perrault Architects have been chosen to modernize and expand the visitor's entrance. The Pavillon Dufour, as it has been named, will be able to welcome nearly six million annual viewers and is set to be completed in 2015. A stairway will lead visitors down to a gallery-style reception area that will branch off into a coatroom, tea room, and various meeting rooms. The style will deviate dramatically from the baroque style in which much of the palace was built. So, the question must be asked: would Louis approve? versailles-1 versailles-2 versailles-3 versailles4 versailles5 versailles6 Read more about the Pavillon Dufour at designboom.