Victoria Beckham Is Starting a Skincare Line (and She Can Take Our Money)

Updated 03/16/18
Victoria Beckham
Noam Galai/ Getty Images

Victoria Beckham has long been an icon of all things fashion and beauty. Her fashion and makeup lines are covetable, and we'd use just about any skincare product she recommends. Now, instead of sharing the products she buys for herself, she's going to create her own. The entrepreneur announced that a skincare line is currently in the works via Facebook Live, and it's sure to meet all of your expectations.

Chatting with British advertising executive Nicola Mendelsohn about women in business, Beckham discussed her hands-on involvement in her Estée Lauder makeup line before confirming that she is now developing her own skincare products. According to the video, it's about creating the products that she would want to use herself. "As a woman, I want to create things that I want in my life," says Beckham.

No details yet on when you'll be able to shop Beckham's very own skincare line, but you can be sure the products will be of the highest quality. Beckham indicates that the line will be backed by science and that she's currently learning about the process herself in order to create the best line possible. "I'm having a lot of fun really working on the skincare, which is really going to be very scientific. I'm working with great people that really have a lot of credibility in the industry and, again, I'm learning.

I really want to learn; going on this journey I want to educate myself as well."

Watch the full interview below and start saving up for highly anticipated launch of this surely stunning skincare line.

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