Victoria Beckham Just Shared Her Simple In-Flight Skincare Routine

Updated 10/22/18
Victoria Beckham
George Pimentel / Getty Images

If there's one person we trust for their travel skincare advice, it's Victoria Beckham. The fashion designer is known for her ageless skin, and with multiple international careers under her belt, she's a veritable travel expert in our book. When she took to Instagram this morning to document part of her travel skincare routine, we took note.

Beckham posted an image of a popular UK liquid collagen drink by Skinade to her Instagram story this morning as she traveled to Sydney, Australia. The caption reads, "Remember to look after your skin and hydrate when traveling!" 

Victoria Beckham Instagram Story

Consultant plastic surgeon and skincare guru Paul Banwell explains that Skinade is a perfect travel companion because it helps combat the effects of air conditioning on long flights to keep skin moisturized. "Skinade works to rehydrate as well as improve tone and texture for overall improvements to skin suppleness," he tells MyDomaine. It improves skin from the inside out as you drink the liquid product formulated with key nutrients that help the body increase its production of collagen. Because it's a liquid, it's more readily absorbed in the body compared to solids.


In addition to keeping skin moisturized in dry climates, the unique skincare product also protects against excess oil production in humid conditions. "Skinade contributes toward balancing out your skin, helping to prevent the buildup of excess oil," he says. Shop the travel and full-size products below for a Victoria Beckham–approved glow.

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