Victoria's Secret Models Rely on These 2 Exercises to Tone Their Stomachs

Updated 06/16/17
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While the world is unabashedly fascinated with Victoria's Secret models, their workout routines hold arguably the most intrigue (for obvious reasons). They are, after all, veritable professionals when it comes to looking drop-dead gorgeous in absolutely anything. While we assume that their full workouts include much more than just ab exercises, The Coveteur recently rounded up their favorite ways to sculpt their midsections ahead of the VS fashion show and beyond. Consider adding the following two ab exercises to your workout repertoire; it's safe to say they're a good use of your time:

Adriana Lima: Aerotwist

The Coveteur

“Start with feet wider than shoulder-width apart and your knees bent. Make a fist. With your palm facing down, interlock your knuckles. Your elbows and fist should be shoulder height. Flex every muscle in your body, especially your abs and quads, and slowly begin twisting left to right. Build up your speed to maximum output. Do this for two minutes. Three rounds.” — Lima's trainer, Michael Olajide Jr.

Jasmine Tookes & Josephine Skriver: Corner Kicks

The Coveteur

“Bring the working leg’s knee to the opposite arm, then kick your leg toward the corner of the room on a diagonal line. Repeat this 20 times, then hold your leg out and pulse for 20.” — Dogpound founder Kirk Myers

Head over to The Coveteur for more, and share your go-to ab exercises below!

Opening Image: Victoria's Secret Sport

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