Tech Find: A Chic Wireless Speaker

11-copenhagen-loudspeaker-vifa-yatzer Wireless speakers seem to be all the rage as of late. And why wouldn't they be? Making the party portable is the best thing to happen in this tech-age since the invention of the beeper. But, keeping your speaker next you at all times means you have to find one as chic as your décor. The danish speaker manufacturer, Vifa, has made just that. Although they have been making sound equipment since the 1930's, their newest Copenhagen speaker is their first complete audio system. The simple design would fit into any surrounding, but we wouldn't be surprised if it inspired a full Scandinavian makeover. They won't be available until Spring, but that gives you plenty of time to decide which color to get. copenhagen_8 copenhagen_9 copenhagen_17 copenhagen_18 copenhagen_19 copenhagen_15 For more information visit Vifa.