Meet the All-Stars of Vintage Olympic Posters

All eyes are on the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics this month, so to bring a little sporty spirit into our homes, we're sharing our favorite vintage Olympic posters. While the ancient games bring out the best of the best of athletes, they're also a celebration of the best in design, drawing leading architects, and visual designers from around the world. Needless to say, these vintage originals and reproductions will become talking points wherever you hang them.

olympics1 Famed American graphic designer Lance Wyman made his mark designing the logo of the 1968 Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City with '60s optical-art typography inspired by traditional forms in Mexican culture. The official poster from the games has a psychedelic, linear style that would make a statement in any modern home. Mexico City 1968 Games Poster, $35, Sports Poster Warehouse 
olympics2 Abstract art fans should jump at the chance to buy this original lithographic poster produced by Russian-born French modernist painter Serge Poliakoff in anticipation of the 1972 Munich Games. This rare print is a great example of the world-famous artist's abstract work. Rare 1972 Munich Olympics Original Lithographic Poster by Serge Poliakoff, $1200, 1st Dibs

Issued for the Los Angeles 1932 Olympics, this print by Yugoslavian artist Milivoy Uzelac is influenced by Cubism, Neoclassicism, and Art Deco design. With rich tones of burnt sienna and charcoal, it's a fine candidate for neutral, traditional interiors. Art Deco "Gymnastics" Print by Uzelac for 1932 Olympics, $1450, 1st Dibs

The official Olympic Shop, as well as, are also great resources for vintage Olympic poster reproductions -- and if you ever make it to Lausanne, Switzerland, pay a visit to The Olympic Museum, where you can explore artifacts from the Games.

Shop more of our favorite vintage Olympic posters below.


olympics6 olympics7 olympics5
Amsterdam 1928 Games Poster, $28, London 1948 Games Poster, $28, Berlin 1936 Games Poster, $50,
olympic8 gold olympics4
Moscow 1980 Games Poster, $28, Atlanta 1996 Games Poster, $28, Tokyo 1964 Games Poster, $28,
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