This $12 Kmart Rack Was Practically Made to Store All Your Vinyl

Updated 06/14/18

While it’s hard to predict the exact trend that will have a moment at the beginning of each new season, there’s one styling principle we know will always be true: What was once old, will be new again. Whether it’s fashion's reoccurring love for the '70s, or the interior sphere’s unwavering loyalty to mid-century modern, there are just some décor items that have a lasting touch. Case in point: Vinyl.

And while there’s no denying the convenience that comes with having access to an endless supply of music during your commute, there’s also something so soothing about coming home to a curated selection of classics and placing the needle on your favourite record as you unwind for the day. Another benefit of vinyl is that it it's also an easy styling tool. Much like books, records serve as a subtle point of personality and quirk within the space; now all you have to do is figure out how to store them.

If your struggling to figure out how to display your collection, thankfully for us, Kmart Australia has brought out a sleek $12 magazine rack that can also moonlight as storage for your vinyl, as displayed on Influencer Arianne Witt's Instagram snap, pictured above. Pure genius. Shop the rack and a few of our favourite records below.

Kmart Magazine Rack $12
Florence & The Machine High As Hope Record $46
Boby Dylan LP Record $37
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Record $39

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