Mamma Mia 2 Wasn't Actually Filmed in Greece—Here's What Island to Visit

Mamma Mia fans will be surprised to learn that the sequel, Mamma Mia 2, wasn't actually filmed in Greece. As Travel + Leisure reports, while the Greek island of Skopelos stood in for the fictional island of Kalokairi in the original movie, filmmakers turned to the small island of Vis, located off the coast of Croatia, to film the follow-up movie.

As a Yugoslav military base, the island remained isolated and sparsely populated until 1989. Now it's a bonafide tourist destination, albeit one that's still a bit more under the radar than the world-famous Greek islands. The publication argues that the movie could finally shed a spotlight on the tiny island, which covers just 34 square miles, and boasts gorgeous Venetian architecture and beautiful azure beaches.