Why a Vogue Editor Swapped NYC for a Hudson Valley Barn

About 11 years ago, Vogue fashion market and accessories director Virgina Smith left her “transient” life in New York City for the charming countryside of Hudson Valley. After the birth of her son, Smith started searching for something bigger, and when her friends found the Hudson Valley barn, she “loved it at first sight.” Aside from the idyllic surrounds, it offers a really appealing “sense of community,” something she said never happened during her time in Manhattan. “If you were really feeling friendly you might say hi on the elevator, but I’ve never had a neighborhood relationship, and here we know our neighbors, we watch out for each other, I bring them eggs and they bring me rhubarb or whatever, and it’s just a real sense of community, which certainly appeals to me,” she said. Watch the video via Vogue to see more of this beautiful family home. 

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Opening photo: Vogue