7 Stunning Icelandic Volcanoes That Are Worth the Airfare to See Up Close


Connie and Luna

Whether you take its common nickname, "the land of ice and fire," as an adage for exploration or an expectation for plenty of white-knuckle adventure, Iceland is a place where nature's extremes are on full view. And in terms of its many volcanoes, the description is often literal: This is where magma meets glacier, making for an otherworldly sight that few cameras can truly do justice (but we still think your Instagram should try).

If you're planning on visiting the country's colorful capital of Reykjavik, then we also suggest visiting Iceland's volcanoes while you're there. We found seven that are worth the airfare, from a dormant stunner where it's possible to view its magma to a mythical mountain that's being watched for an imminent eruption. Sure, you might have to go far, far off the beaten path in a few of these cases, but it'll be worth it. Because if you're willing to travel all the way to the land of fire and ice, then you should see that nickname up close.