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26 Wall Mural Ideas We're Obsessed With

nautical mural

Design: Emily Henderson/Photographer: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Plain and simply, wall murals are hard to pull off—that's probably why most dwellers fear committing. Unlike canvas paintings or framed images, oversized murals change the entire ambiance of a room with their large can't-be-missed scale. But just because murals are dynamic, and quite honestly, a commitment, that's no reason to shy away from incorporating them into your space. When done correctly, they can be the difference between an impeccably designed space and one that falls a bit short.

Our advice: Go with something you're certain will complement your aesthetic because you only get one chance to nail the design. While a floral pattern can make everything feel feminine and fresh, an image of a city skyline can instantly transform a space into a cosmopolitan retreat. 

In case you don't know where to start, there's plenty of inspiration waiting to be discovered on Instagram. Here are 26 of our favorite mural ideas that transform blank walls into pieces of art. Go big or you might not want to come home.

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Peek-a-Boo Print

ship wall mural in living room

Design: Emily Henderson/Photographer: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Placing furniture next to a wall mural is no easy feat—especially one that boasts a busy pattern or illustration. However, this one has a focal point at the ideal level for a bed or a couch. The nautical scene pokes out from behind the couch in a way that feels organic, yet simultaneously unexpected. 

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Landscape View

gray and white mountain mural

Michelle Berwick Design

In our dreamiest of dreams, the scenery looks a little something like this—that's what we think every time we look at this mural, at least. The brush strokes are delicate and ethereal, giving any room a spa-like ambiance. Want the look without the commitment? This hanging wall chart does the deed:

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A Perfect Combination

small mural in living room

Ann Living

  1. In this Scandinavian style inspired living room, the wall art is just as stunning as the rest of the dećor. An elaborate mural involving birds and feathers immediately catches your eye. Yet as you move across the wall, you notice the golden square mural shining through behind the television. While different, the two mural concepts seem to effortlessly flow together.
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Pastel Watercolor

pastel watercolor mural

Michelle Boudreau Design

Subtlety is the name of the game with watercolor compositions, and this mural is absolutely no exception. The soft pastel pink tones swirl together and diffuse effortlessly in a way that makes the entire room feel airy, open, and serene. The added contrast of the maroon headboard makes for a slightly dramatic, yet elegant bedroom. 

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Unique Floral Delight

floral wall mural

Ann Living

Behold a mural that unites both plant lovers and those who lack the special touch of a green thumb. For plant lovers, the unique plant choice creates a cohesive backdrop for your fiddle leaf fig and areca palm. For those who can't keep a cactus alive, this is the type of plant you'll be able to enjoy every single day without doing any harm whatsoever—promise.

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Grayscale Nature Scene

nature mural

Rikki Snyder

What better way to showcase a colorful living room than by opting for a grayscale mural? The gray nature mural design is lovely to look at, yet provides the perfect backdrop that allows the sofa and accent chair to pop. The varying patterns come together to create an eclectic, lively space.

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The Shape Of You

geometric colorful mural

Dazey Den

There are very few design styles we love as much as geometric. This design takes the trend to a brand new level, with hints of mid-century modern style. We love how the orange, sunny yellow, striking blue, and white color palette feels slightly retro while still being completely on-trend.

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Into the Woods

nursery with forest mural

Design: Emily Henderson/Photographer: Tessa Neustadt

There's something inherently romantic about this wallpaper. The woodsy foliage pattern and variations of green feel like we're lost in an enchanted forest. Not to mention, the added touches of whimsy complete the room, from the wicker bed frame to the luxurious white rug.

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Shadow Play

palm tree mural

Casa Watkins Living

Waking up under the shade of palm leaves is something that only happens in private beachside bungalows. But this mural brings a similar feeling a little closer to home, with subdued gray brushstrokes and free-flowing design. You can almost hear the waves calling, can't you?

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The More, The Merrier

mural of people playing pool

Rikki Snyder

Adding a mural to your personal library or study can take things to the next level. However, nature scenes and shapes aren't the only options you can choose from. This full-scale mural of a crowded room can make your isolated space feel a little less alone.

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Geometric Staircase

bright geometric staircase

Rikki Snyder

Dressing up the side of your staircase can have a giant impact on your room. This staircase proves our point—geometric triangles in vivid colors create a striking visual we can't look away from. The color palette matches the rest of the room, creating a cohesive, colorful environment.

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Hit The Roof

ceiling mural

Tara Kantor

Not a fan of wall decor? Time to bring the eyes up, and we mean way up. This mural covers the ceiling, from one end to the other, in an abstract line design that looks straight out of a museum. The greige shades complement other elements in the room without looking overly decorated or overly coordinated.

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Pattern Mixing

hand painted mural paired with square subway tile

Home by Polly

Plaid on plaid. Dots with stripes. There's a certain art to pattern mixing that very few can master with ease. But this simple yellow and white dot pattern fits easily with other designs. Case in point, we love how it contrasts here against the cold white subway tiles and black-framed artwork and mirror.

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Introducing Simple Artwork

entryway with line mural

Brexton Cole Interiors

While the artwork is simple, the impact on this entryway is huge. The line artwork of various statuses and busts feels sophisticated and stylish, transforming any room into an NYC penthouse. Just add a few marble and brass elements, and you're basically in a West Village flat.  

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Splash of Color

colorful pink circle mural

Dazey Den

While some wall murals are meant to be the focal point of the room, some play the supporting role. So is the story with this blush pink-hued swatch. The splash of color is the perfect canvas for the rest of the wall decor so the gallery wall and vibrant blue sofa can play the starring roles.

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Poured Paint

paint splatter mural

LA Designer Affair

If you ask us, this technique looks just like the crayon art hack that went viral a few years ago. But it's cooler, way cooler. Dripping from the ceiling down the middle of the wall, the entire art piece looks like it was made for the space. 

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Abstract Line Design

line mural in bedroom

Reena Sotropa

While it may feel hard to believe abstract art could be soothing, this mural proves otherwise. The light tan hue is covered in white lines that twist this way and that, yet this somehow brings a sense of calm to the space. A few muted tones like the lavender headboard add to the relaxation element.

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Grayscale Backdrop

mural behind colorful artwork

Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photography

While a wall mural is certainly a work of art in its own right, that doesn't mean you can't include other pieces of art as well. The main thing to keep in mind is how the two will work together. In this dining room, a peaceful gray-hued nature-themed mural covers the wall, while a vibrant, eclectic piece of art hangs over it. The colorful butterflies look like they are about to burst into the rest of the mural, and the two contrasting artworks still work in harmony.

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Just Around the Corner

line mural that wraps around a corner

Michelle Boudreau Design

Given certain homes' tendencies to include awkward nooks and spaces, it can feel as though a mural might be off-limits. However, a simple option can actually work with the space, like this lined arch within this home office. The arch begins on the wall, then takes a turn to continue over on the slanted piece hanging over the desk. The result is a fun nod to the architecture of the space.

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Step Back in Time

colorful geometric

Michelle Boudreau Design

We love a good retro theme, especially when it is pulled off as flawlessly as this bedroom here. The playful monochromatic pink hues are fully represented in this geometric print on the wall, mimicking the shapes found throughout the rest of the room.

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Under the Staircase

under the stairs checker pattern mural

Dwell Aware

While we agree that in most cases it's "go big or go home," there is something to be said for murals that make the most of unused spaces. This checkered pattern under the staircase captures our attention immediately, despite it being such a small space. The added accent chair and side table make it feel as if it is a separate room altgoether.

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A Few Small Details

small detail mural bathroom

Proem Studio

While plenty of murals may have several moving parts, it's nice to see a mural that is dedicated to small details. This bathroom has a mostly powder blue backdrop that feels soothing. However, take a closer look, and you'll notice the artistic renderings of people above and surrounding the mirror. The distinct placement of each person makes the space feel unique.

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Birds of Paradise

swan mural over bed

Anne Sage

Taking a room that has a neutral color scheme and jazzing it up with a fun, colorful mural is an absolute win in our book. We love the way this swan mural seems to overlook the bed, and the pale pink still works perfectly with the tan, wicker, and brown accents that encompass the rest of the room. The unique mural works with the other distinct accents in the room as well, like the stunning leather headboard.

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Shaping Up

corner arch mural

Home and Spirit

A small corner still deserves a mural, and what better way than to add an arch? The terra cotta double arch with some additional shapes adds the perfect amount of charm to this relaxing nook, bringing in some much appreciated color.

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a Colorful Surprise

splatter paint dining room wall mural

Tara Kantor

This dining room showcases a moody, yet colorful mural that creates a whimsical atmosphere. The navy background allows the color splotches to pop, and the drips off each one are giving off strong artistic vibes. It's a perfect selection for a midcentury modern-inspired space.

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Moody Clouds

faded mural

Tara Kantor

Speaking of artistic, check out this gorgeous gray and white mural. The design brings to mind the idea of clouds on a rainy day, but this space feels far from gloomy—the neutral color scheme feels quite sophisticated.

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