17 Wall Mural Ideas We're Stealing From Instagram

Jungle Wall Chart from HKLiving


Plain and simply, wall murals are hard to pull off—that's probably why most dwellers fear committing. Unlike canvas paintings or framed images, oversized murals change the entire ambiance of a room with their large can't-be-missed scale. But just because murals are dynamic, and quite honestly, a commitment, that's no reason to shy away from incorporating them into your space. When done correctly, they can be the difference between an impeccably designed space and one that falls a bit short.

Our advice: Go with something you're certain will complement your aesthetic because you only get one chance to nail the design. While a floral pattern can make everything feel feminine and fresh, an image of a city skyline can instantly transform a space into a cosmopolitan retreat. 

In case you don't know where to start, there's plenty of inspiration waiting to be discovered on Instagram. Here are 17 of our favorite mural ideas that transform blank walls into pieces of art. Go big or you might not want to come home.

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Peek-a-Boo Print

Placing furniture next to a wall mural is no easy feat—especially one that boasts a busy pattern or illustration. However, this one has a focal point at the ideal level for a bed or a couch. The jungle scene pokes out from behind the bed in a way that feels organic, yet simultaneously unexpected. 

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Landscape View

In our dreamiest of dreams, the scenery looks a little something like this—that's what we think every time we look at this mural, at least. The brush strokes are delicate and ethereal, giving any room a spa-like ambiance. Want the look without the commitment? This hanging wall chart does the deed:

HKLiving Wall Chart: XXL Jungle $125
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Going Out West

If you're the kind of person who dreams about taking a summer road trip along Route 66 and detouring to the Grand Canyon, there's no doubt you need this little piece of the Wild West in your home. Layered with woven fabrics, natural wood, and textured touches, it'll transform your space into a desert oasis.

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Pastel Watercolor

Subtlety is the name of the game with watercolor compositions, and this mural is absolutely no exception. The soft pastel peach and pink tones swirl together and diffuse effortlessly in a way that makes the entire room feel airy, open, and serene. 

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Going Green

Behold a mural that unites both plant lovers and those who lack the special touch of a green thumb. For the plant lovers, the bright green leaves create a cohesive backdrop for your fiddle leaf fig and areca palm. For those who can't keep a cactus alive, this is the type of plant you'll be able to enjoy every single day without doing any harm whatsoever—promise.

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Tahitian Sunrise

Not all murals require a prerequisite fine arts class. In fact, that's exactly what draws us to this totally DIY-able mural. The imperfect edges and asymmetrical composition make it easy to replicate. Plus the warm tropical color palette gives the room an OOO feeling at all times, and that's worth every ounce of hard work you put into it.

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The Shape Of You

There are very few design styles we love as much as geometric. This design takes the trend to a brand new level, with hints of mid-century modern style. We love how the orange, terracotta, slate gray and greige color palette feels slightly retro while still being completely on-trend.

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Into the Woods

There's something inherently romantic about this wallpaper. The woodsy foliage pattern and variations of green feel like we're lost in an enchanted forest. Not to mention, the added touches of whimsy complete the room, from the caged lantern to the die cut headboard.

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Shadow Play

Waking up under the shade of palm leaves is something that only happens in private beachside bungalows. But this mural brings a similar feeling a little closer to home, with subdued gray brushstrokes and free-flowing design. You can almost hear the waves calling, can't you?

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At Water's Edge

If there's one room we don't pay nearly enough attention to, it's the laundry room (for those of us who are lucky enough to have one, at least). This beautiful blue and white mural gives the high-traffic room the kind of attention and care it deserves.

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The Scenic Route

Lack of detail is what makes this mural so unique. On first glance, it looks like abstract layers of complementary colors. But look at it again, and you'll quickly realize it's an illustration of mountains, valleys, and a cotton candy-colored sky.

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Hit The Roof

Not a fan of wall decor? Time to bring the eyes up, and we mean way up. This mural covers the ceiling, from one end to the other, in an oil splatter design that looks straight out of a museum. The blue shades complement other elements in the room without looking overly decorated or overly coordinated.

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Pattern Mixing

Plaid on plaid. Dots with stripes. There's a certain art to pattern mixing that very few can master with ease. But this simple black and white flower pattern fits easily with other patterned designs. Case in point, we love how it contrasts here against the cold white subway tiles and gray-patterned floor tiling. 

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One-Line Wonder

Unlike most murals we've seen, this one has a way of toning down the room. The single-line artwork feels sophisticated and stylish, transforming any room into an NYC penthouse. Just add a few marble and brass elements, and you're basically in a West Village flat.  

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Splash of Color

While some wall murals are meant to be the focal point of the room, some play the supporting role. So is the story with this tomato-hued swatch. The splash of color is the perfect canvas for the rest of the wall decor so the greenery and mirror can play the starring roles.

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Poured Paint

If you ask us, this technique looks just like the crayon art hack that went viral a few years ago. But it's cooler, way cooler. Dripping from the ceiling down the middle of the wall, the entire art piece looks like it was made for the space. 

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European Vacation

We might not have the savings to afford a luxurious trip to Santorini, so this mural will have to do in the meantime. Since nothing screams relaxation more than blue and white umbrellas on a Grecian beach, this mural makes coming home after a long day at work feel like a vacation—no plane ticket necessary.

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