Wallpaper 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Statement Walls

Updated 10/23/17

When faced with the task of redecorating a room, nothing packs quite as much punch as wallpaper. Right there next to paint, it’s the quickest, most transformative way to initiate a major change. But unless you’re an interior design professional or utterly fearless (we envy you!), taking the plunge into statement walls can be nerve-wracking. To make sense of the design do’s and don’ts and inspire confidence, we enlisted the help of two experts: Norinne DeGal, owner of Los Angeles-based wallpaper retailer Walnut Wallpaper, and Estee Stanley, interior designer and Domaine editor-at-large.

Their advice just may make a believer (and achiever) out of you… Read on!

Cole & Sons Nuvolette

Cole & Sons Nuvolette ($)

Walnut Wallpaper Bain De Minuit $188

Walnut Wallpaper Bain De Minuit ($188 and up)

Farrow & Ball Lotus $260

Farrow & Ball Lotus ($260)

Walnut Wallpaper Featherlight $150

Walnut Wallpaper Featherlight ($150 and up)

Farrow & Ball Bumble Bee $225

Farrow & Ball Bumble Bee ($225 and up)

Farrow & Ball Lattice $225

Farrow & Ball Lattice ($225 and up)

Walnut Wallpaper W3269-2 $248

Walnut Wallpaper W3269-2 ($248 and up)

Pottok Prints Aquatic $170

Pottok Prints Aquatic ($170)

Cole & Son Feather Fan

Cole & Son Feather Fan ($)

Cavern Home Tapestry $155

Cavern Home Tapestry ($155 per roll)

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