14 Wallpaper Moments That Made Us Melt

There's no denying that wallpaper is a big commitment. Anyone who's ever tried to remove layers of decades-old chintz mid-renovation can attest to this fact. If comparing the spectrum of renovations to relationship statuses, a lick of paint would be akin to having "the talk," and wallpaper would be on par to a full-blown wedding. But there's no need to get wallpaper jitters.

We've come a long way since the days of traditional wallpaper glue. As far as wallpapers are concerned, saying "I do" to a single pattern no longer has to mean "till death do us part." Thanks to the use of stick-on wallpaper, easy-to-remove options have proliferated in recent years, making the commitment feel less serious. 

That said, any breakup (no matter how small) can be painful and time-consuming, so to make sure that your choice feels right, we want you to make an informed decision. Sometimes all you need is a little visual inspiration to find the one. Luckily for us, homeowners and interior designers around the world are using delicate floral tapestries and bold graphic patterns in interesting new ways, providing us with plenty of visual cues. From stick-on removable wallpaper to hand-painted chinoiserie, here are our favorite wallpaper moments to inspire your own level of décor commitment.