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10 Best Warm Paint Colors That Will Make Your Home So Inviting

Faded Gray

My Simple Simple

Warm tones are categorized as the hues on the color wheel packed with yellow and red undertones. Think everything from sunny yellows to deep shades of rust, golden beiges, and everything in between. Contrary to cool tones, the versatile hues on the warm spectrum evoke an inviting vibe that can skew either happy and energetic or rich and cozy. With an array of shades that prove to be both timeless and trendy, settling on a single hue can feel next to impossible. To make warming up to the right shade easier, we tapped interior designers for the warm-toned paint ideas to implement on your next room redesign. Their picks ahead—you're getting warmer.

  • Color Family: Yellows, oranges, reds, browns, beiges
  • Complementary Color: Blues, greens, purples
  • Pairs Well With: Black, white, metallics, neutrals
  • Mood: Powerful, calming, inviting, happy, comforting
  • Where to Use: Living areas, bedrooms, accent walls

Trying to warm things up? Here are 12 warm paint colors that interior designers want you to cozy up to.

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Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams

Light French Gray

Hope Fallin Color Design

"I think of grey as a neutral, like cream or white," Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors explains. "So for me, the perfect grey is all about warmth. I love Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams because it's got a depth and warmth that I can't really find in a lot of other grays and doesn't lean too lavender or baby blue. There's nothing worse than the sun going down and your wall turning purple, so make sure to test a few samples and look at them during the day and at night. Trust me on this one."

Light French Gray
Sherwin Williams Light French Grey $50.00
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Tissue Pink by Benjamin Moore

Tissue Pink

Basic Blue House

"Hailed as 'the most flattering paint color ever,' Tissue Pink by Benjamin Moore is the versatile backdrop for both modern and traditional spaces," Campbell Minister of Decorated Interiors says. "This gorgeous color reads a bit coral, which means it does not need to be reserved for only, say, a little girl's bedroom."

Tissue Pink
Benjamin Moore Tissue Pink 1163 $64.00
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Pashmina by Benjamin Moore


Terra Nelson

"Pashmina by Benjamin Moore is dramatic and sexy," Minister gushes. "I have used it on walls in an open kitchen as a complement to a tile backsplash and a small men's office space. The color changes in the light but predominantly reads brown and pairs well with creamy beiges and tans."

He recommends using it in a small enclosed space "to envelop your guests from the moment they walk in the door."

Benjamin Moore Pashmina $64.00
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Sea Salt by Benjamin Moore

Sea Salt Ben Moore

Suzanne Falk Interior Design

"This neutral hue has a warm undertone and goes with almost any color scheme out there," Minister says of Sea Salt by Benjamin Moore. "Blacks, warm taupes, and creamy neutrals pop against this gorgeous color. It has a tad of brown mixed in, but the lighting in the room can change the way it reads in each space."

Sea Salt
Benjamin Moore Sea Salt $63.00
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Canyon Dusk by Behr

Canyon Dusk Behr

Design: Highboy LA; Photo: Bethany Nauert Photography

Eilyn Jimenez, creative director and founder of Sire Design, says she likes incorporating warm tones like Behr's Canyon Dusk into her designs with small accent touches.

"If not used carefully, the color can give off an aged aesthetic, often making a space feel too dark," she explains, "So, it is important to use it in subtle ways. Additionally, blending brown-toned accents with more modern materials like marble can create beautiful juxtapositions of color and texture."

canyon dusk
Behr Canyon Dusk $56.00
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Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

revere pewter

Sarah G Tucker

"I love Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter for a warm taupe," says Cara Fox, owner and lead designer at The Fox Group. "This perfect neutral looks great when applied to trim and paired with white walls. Use it on baseboards, cased openings, crown molding, and window trim for a timeless, Scandinavian look."

Revere Pewter
Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter $64.00
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Faded Gray by Dunn Edwards

Faded Gray

My Simply Simple

"We love to use Faded Gray by Dunn Edwards when we are looking for a warm neutral color," Mary Maydan, founder and principal of Maydan Architects, says. "This color provides a great background for almost everything and helps us to create a timeless space. It's calm, soothing, and adds warmth and character. We can easily add a trendy accent color next to it for drama and boldness, or we can keep the room quiet and luxurious by using it on its own."

Faded Gray
Dunn Edwards Faded Gray $16.00
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Charleston Gray by Farrow & Ball

Charleston Gray

DeVOL Kitchens

"Charleston Gray by Farrow & Ball is a beautiful, chic way of using a shade of brown," Cara Woodhouse of Cara Woodhouse Interiors says. "It's a new twist on the traditional chocolate brown color."

Charleston Gray
Farrow & Ball Charleston Gray $44.00
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7017 Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams

Dorian Gray Sherwin Williams

Patrice Stephens Interiors

"Sherwin Williams' 7017 Dorian Gray is a true warm gray," Stephanie Lindsey at Etch Design Group explains. "Used as an overall exterior color and interior color, it's versatile for any setting."

She notes that her firm has used this numerous times when a homeowner is looking for a warmer neutral color as it creates the perfect backdrop for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms alike.

Dorian Gray
Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray $50.00
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Sharkskin by Benjamin Moore


Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Bob Bakes, cofounder and head of design at Bakes & Kropp tells us, "I love Sharkskin by Benjamin Moore—there is a beautiful subtlety to this gray color. It's not too bright or too dark and can easily blend into the background or serve as a highlight color."

Finally, he adds this warm gray tone "contrasts particularly well with the walnut stains we've been seeing over the last few years."

Shark Skin
Benjamin Moore Sharkskin $46.00