5 Home Upgrades That Just Aren't Worth It

We've written extensively about the best investments to make to your home. But what about the ones that may not be worth it in the long run? While a remodeled kitchen with energy-efficient appliances is a great idea, it turns out that some common splurges don't always promise the intended payoff once your property hits the market. Read on to learn what they are, then head to Trulia for the complete breakdown.

  1. Putting in a pool. Pools can be hit or miss, and while they do add value, it will often be shy of what it costs to build one in the first place. High-maintenance upkeep may also be a turnoff to potential buyers.
  2. Highly custom design decisions. Anything that is overly personalized may work against you when someone else is looking to buy your home. The best takeaway is that if you're upgrading for the purpose of selling, stick to neutral territory.
  3. Room conversions. Disrupting standard bedroom expectations may work against you. Not to mention a higher number of bedrooms brings your home into a higher price bracket. So think twice before converting one into a walk-in closet or man cave.
  4. Incremental square-footage gains. Finishing a basement will surely add value. But that sunroom? Maybe not. If you do make additions, make sure the flow is of utmost concern.
  5. Overimproving. Consider your home's surroundings when renovating, and take care not to alienate possible buyers by going overboard.

Would you add any other upgrades to this list? Tell us in the comments below, then check this list of smart home investments.