You Need to See These Dramatic Waterfall Countertops

Our favorite kitchen trend

kitchen countertop décor
Black Lacquer

Beyond the functional level of the kitchen, there are plenty of ways to transform it into a thoughtfully designed, beautiful space made for much more than nightly dinners. One trend we continue to drool over is the waterfall countertop—a design element that's decidedly chic and luxurious. Plain white, wooden, and marble countertops are elevated by the cascading waterfall effect of a seemingly continuous material that travels from countertop to floor.

What Are Waterfall Countertops?

Waterfall countertops are countertops that drop vertically down the sides instead of stopping abruptly at the edge of a cabinet or island. This creates a continuous flow and links the floor to the cabinetry in a fluid and natural manner.

Take a look at some of the most jaw-dropping waterfall countertops around below.

Green and White

waterfall countertop
Space Exploration

This green and white kitchen appears simple and clean thanks to its crisp color scheme and sleek shelving. A marble countertop with subtle veining flows to the floor, creating a dramatic lengthening effect. 

White Waterfall

Kate Osborn; DESIGN: Studio McGee

For a subtle approach, contrast a white waterfall countertop bar above black cabinets. The bar serves as a hub for gathering in any kitchen, and here, a bold countertop surely won't go unnoticed.

Gold Mirrored

kitchen waterfall countertops
Studio Ashby

For something entirely elegant, go for gold. This waterfall countertop rests above gold-mirrored panels, giving the kitchen a glamorous feel to match the streamlined contemporary décor.

Modern Black

kitchen décor
Space Exploration

Contrast an all-white kitchen with a black waterfall countertop. Clean lines throughout the room make this kitchen feel put together and fit for a modern living space. 

Stark White

kitchen countertop ideas
Lisa Sherry Interieurs

In this beachy, light-filled kitchen, a white countertop falls into a multicolored tile floor. Though the countertop is a stark white, woven overhead light fixtures and wood-framed doors make the space dynamic and inviting.

Veined Marble

kitchen countertop décor
Black Lacquer

This kitchen features a striking black-and-white waterfall countertop that also acts as a bar. The dark colors are accented by deep blue cabinets that rest above a marble backsplash that matches the countertop. It's a dramatic look that makes a statement.

Wine Cellar Bar

waterfall countertop ideas
Katie Martinez

Not all waterfall countertops belong in the kitchen. Here, a marble countertop sits in the center of a large wine cellar. It's the perfect space to open up a properly aged bottle and give it a taste before bringing your wine back upstairs.

Waterfall Stovetop

kitchen countertops
Travis J; DESIGN: Studio McGee

From modern light pendants to cool blue cabinets beneath a white waterfall stovetop, this contemporary kitchen stands out. The blue, white, and wooden elements contrast with each other, but the space still feels entirely cohesive and connected.

Wooden Waterfall

kitchen ideas
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This funky, colorful kitchen utilizes a wooden waterfall countertop above an intricately tiled panel bursting with orange and red hues. The counter matches the floor, cabinets, and ceiling, but is interrupted by the colorful details of the panel.

Black and White Marble

waterfall countertop décor
Sharyn Cairns; DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

Bring the drama with a black-and-white marble waterfall countertop. Everything about this space screams glamour and over-the-top chicness. (Just look at the gold range hood above the stove.)

White on White

Heidi's Bridge

A white on white kitchen accented with wooden floors and subtle orange décor elements looks fresh and clean. Instead of a full waterfall countertop, this marble piece extends out from the wall to form a bar with ample counter space.

Muted Wood

Lisa Sherry Interieurs

For less of an attention-grabbing statement piece, opt for wood materials. Here, a wooden waterfall countertop blends into muted décor elements and plays off of the clear barstools, combining traditional and contemporary styles.

Gold Accents

waterfalls countertop
Black Lacquer

This modern kitchen features a subtle marble waterfall countertop that makes its way up into the backsplash. Gold accents decorate green cabinets, barstools, and the sink faucet to tie the space together.

Simple White

waterfall countertops for kitchen
Alyssa Rosenheck for Domino Magazine

In this space, you almost don't notice the white waterfall countertop as your eyes travel to the gorgeous marble backsplash behind the stove. All of the white elements are beautifully accented by a colorful rug, potted plants, and red details on the stove.

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