6 Simple Ways to a More Tranquil Bedroom 

Sleep is one of those things that can make or break your day—catch too few ZZZs, and you’ll definitely be paying for it (headaches, grogginess, and overall crankiness). But so many of us expect to just sink into a deep slumber without really thinking about whether our bedroom is calming or conducive to a restful night. But with a few quick fixes from expert Deborah E. Sewitch (a Ph.D. diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine), get ready to sleep through the night—no melatonin needed. Here are some tips she shared in a recent article for Mind Body Green

  1. A dark bedroom is key. Close all curtains and invest in shades if you need to. Also, turn off all technology—bright screens will keep you awake.
  2. Differentiate your bedroom’s décor. Your sleep space should feel special and signal to your body that it’s time to rest. Try painting the walls a calming hue like deep purple or blue to make it stand out from your other rooms. 
  3. Tidy up your space. Make a point of picking up for a few minutes each day. After all, a clean space equals a clear head.
  4. Buy your pet its own bed. This way you’ll never wake up to Fido licking your face in the middle of the night again. 
  5. Don’t skimp on a mattress or linens. There’s a reason we sleep better in fancy hotels, and it’s because a quality mattress and higher-thread-count sheets do make a big difference. 
  6. Keep the temperature cool. In order to reach a deep sleep, our body’s “thermostat” needs to register lower than it does the rest of the day. Crack a window or crank the A.C. an hour or so before bed in preparation.

What are your best tips for scoring a good night’s sleep? Invest in a luxe pair of Frette sheets for your bed, guaranteed to up the coziness factor.