13 Ways to Declutter for Fall That'll Make You Look More Organized Than You Are

Updated 05/06/19
ways to declutter for fall
Sarah Sherman Samuel

It's official: Fall is here. While we love updating our space with cozy home accessories like sheepskin rugs and woodsy candles as soon as the leaves start changing colors, the chilly season also calls for decorating with practical storage solutions in mind. Between coats, boots, and umbrellas, there are a lot of cold-weather essentials that need to be stashed away as soon as you walk through the door. (Not to mention all the extra throws, books, and bottles of wine that need organizing.)

Although the phrase "storage solutions" probably conjures up images of utilitarian containers, hooks, and bins, we've curated a collection of organizational options that are both stylish and functional (yes, it is possible). From a trendy metallic catchall basket to a space-saving blanket ladder, here are some ways to declutter for fall that'll make you look more organized than you are. Ahead, shop fall storage solutions that'll pick up your coatrack's slack.

CB2 Bounty Wire Baskets $40

Place a catchall basket on your entryway table or coffee table to collect all your coat pocket's odds and ends.

Mid-Century Bench
West Elm Mid-Century Bench $500

Give yourself a place to sit while you put on your cold-weather boots. Opt for a bench like this one, which has built-in drawers and enough space for a catchall basket to help manage additional clutter.

Mid Century Multi Hook
West Elm Mid Century Multi Hook $70

If you're short on space, hang a simple set of wall hooks in your entryway and consider your autumn outerwear organized. 

Tower Clothing Rack
Urban Outfitters Tower Clothing Rack $98

This entryway storage solution has plenty of space for coats, scarves, and even shoes—and doesn't require drilling any holes into your wall.

Curved Basket
West Elm Curved Basket $54

A large woven basket is perfect for storing extra blankets, pillows, magazines, or anything, really.

Umbrella Stand
CB2 Umbrella Stand $50

You'll never forget your umbrella as you're rushing out the door again, thanks to this stylish stand.

Threshold Stackable Shoe Rack $17

Kick off your shoes—then stow them in a designated area near your door to keep clutter to a minimum.

Paloma Coat Rack - Brown One Size at Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters Paloma Coat Rack $180

Opt for a coatrack that'll fit in that small corner of your entryway yet still has enough hooks to store all your outerwear.

Polished Teak Bookends
Anthropologie Polished Teak Bookends $118

Show off your fall reads while keeping them neatly organized with sleek bookends, like this polished teak set from Anthropologie.

Lostine Bloak Ladder $420

Keep extra blankets within arm's reach while freeing up your couch's arms.

Saddle Ring Desk Collection
Anthropologie Saddle Ring Magazine Rack $138

Stash your go-to reading material in this sleek magazine rack and place it next to your coziest chair.

Honeycomb Wine Holder
Anthropologie Honeycomb Wine Holder $48

If you're anything like us, you swap out rosé for red wine as soon as the seasons shift. Stow your bottles in style with a beautiful wine rack.

Chord Brass Log Holder
CB2 Chord Brass Log Holder $100

Found: the most stylish way to store firewood in your living room this fall.

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