12 Fast Ways to Earn Extra Money

Whenever I am short on cash, I try to come up with quick ways to make money. Putting my apartment on Airbnb, signing up to take surveys, and babysitting part-time have crossed my mind at one point or another. If you’re in need of extra dinero, let me point you to a recent Money story with 23 smart ways to make extra cash. “It’s tempting to gravitate towards those get-rich-quick and make-money-overnight offers,” writes Joel Ohman, “but unless you’re willing to risk becoming the victim of a scam, you’ll need to think of more creative ways to earn money.” He then goes on to list some amazing ways to make cash. I’ve highlighted my 12 favourites below. To see the full list, visit Money.

1. Become a tutor.

2. Sell your junk.

3. Do odd jobs.

4. Invest in domain names.

5. Peruse Craigslist, especially the gig and part-time job sections.

6. Deliver food.

7. Wait tables.

8. Design something and sell it on Etsy.

9. Clean houses.

10. Give driving lessons.

11. Coach or referee.

12. Organise houses.

You’ll need a good wallet to store your newfound cash in; here's a pretty one I love.

What do you do when you need extra cash? Tell us in the comments below.