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27 Ways to Maximize Your Mudroom

mudroom with built-in storage

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Emily Henderson Design

Ready or not, fall is almost here. Soon scorching temps, cloudless skies, and glasses full of chilled rosé will give way to colder conditions, rainy forecasts, and mugs filled with mulled wine. All this to say, now's the time to start prepping your mudroom for autumn before the leaves start falling and the seasonal shift officially sets in.

We can all agree that ample seating, plenty of storage, and a heavy-wearing rug are integral to an efficient mudroom. If your space lacks just one of these things, getting out of the door on time becomes a hassle. So, to help you prepare your space for the coming season, we're breaking down 27 ways to maximize a mudroom ahead.

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Opt for a Heavy-Wearing Rug

green mudroom with large rug over pattern floor tile

Kate Marker Interiors

Given that the mudroom is used daily, it's essential to opt for a heavy-wearing rug that will hold up in a high-traffic area. A durable indoor/outdoor rug that can easily be rinsed off, like the runner seen in this space designed by Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors, checks all the boxes.

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Make It Cozy

cozy mudroom

Pure Salt Interiors

Your mudroom will likely be high traffic area that is passed through often, but that doesn't mean you can't make it comfortable. Adding a cushion to your bench and a couple of throw pillows will not only up the dećor but create a cozy corner. This space by Pure Salt Interiors is a perfect example.

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Keep a Basket Handy

mudroom with small built in and baskets

Kate Marker Interiors

In a space that's not conducive to built-in storage options, gain inspiration from this make-shift mudroom, designed by none other than Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors, and simply place a basket nearby to corral shoes, umbrellas, and other unsightly odds and ends you want to stow out of sight. Even if you have built-ins, baskets can still be used for decoration and for easy access to important items.

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Minimize Built-Ins

built in for entryway/mudroom

Kate Marker Interiors

For those with a long and narrow mudroom (or even just a hallway), consider minimizing any unnecessary options, like giant cabinets and cubbies. Alternatively, opt for a smaller option, like this built-in that includes a bench, small upper cabinets, and hooks for jackets and purses. Of course, leave it to Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors to solve all your small-space mudroom storage woes with this simple yet brilliant solution.

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Tuck a Basket Under a Bench

mudroom with blue shiplap and wicker baskets tucked underneath

Kate Marker Interiors

Even if your mudroom doesn't boast a long bench situated between two floor-to-ceiling cabinets, you can still steal this ingenious idea from Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors. Just tuck a sturdy basket or two under the seating in your entry to keep the space looking organized, no matter how messy it gets.

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Hang Some Hooks

mudroom with hooks and bench with white shiplap

Kate Marker Interiors

Take a page from Kate Marker Interiors and hang a few hooks, or even a peg rail, in your mudroom to keep everything from raincoats to dog leashes to hats organized and within arm's reach as you head out the door. Trust us, this seemingly simple storage solution is seriously life-changing.

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Use Lockers to Keep Things Organized

mudroom with separate cubbies/lockers

Kate Marker Interiors

When everything has its place, cleaning is a breeze, and Kate Marker Interiors understands this well. She makes a case for using lockers to do exactly that—ensure that everything has its place. With divided lockers, each person in the home can have their own area to keep their belongings without risking a chaotic mess.

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Create a "Mini" Mudroom

mini mudroom with bench, shoe basket, and black peg rail

Design: Jess Bunge for EHD / Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

In a small-space entryway, follow Jessica Bunge of Emily Henderson Design's lead and create a mini mudroom: Install a peg rail for vertical storage, stash a catch-all basket under a sleek bench, and hang a mirror to visually double your square footage. Bonus points for incorporating greenery into the space.

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Have Fun With Floor Tiles

mudroom with striped pebble floor tiles, white cubbies, and yellow striped baskets

Reena Sotropa

Leave it to Reena Sotropa to create the small-space mudroom of our dreams, complete with a gorgeous pattern on the penny tile floor. Gain inspiration from this playful room and let your personality shine through in the design of the oft-used space.

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Make a Statement With Wallpaper

mudroom with statement wallpaper

Kate Marker Interiors

Why not infuse some personality into the space that you use day in and day out with wallpaper? We don't know about you, but the statement wall in this mudroom designed by Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors has us daydreaming about installing boldly printed wallpaper in our own entryway.

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Add Visual Interest

mudroom with white shiplap with hooks on bench

Kate Marker Interiors

In this mudroom designed by Kate Marker Interiors, a shiplap lends visual interest to an otherwise blank white space. Not to mention, the low-maintenance wall treatment is easier to clean than painted drywall, making it ideal for entryways that put the "mud" in mudroom.

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Choose Cabinet Fronts With Texture

mudroom with textured dark gray doors

Kate Marker Interiors

While we're on the topic of adding visual interest to a space, allow us to direct your attention to the cabinet doors in this mudroom designed by Kate Marker Interiors. Rather than electing for smooth cabinet fronts, let this space inspire you to choose fronts that add a textural element to the room instead. The dark color paired with the visual interest makes us want to do this to our mudrooms, stat.

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Add a Pegboard

pegboard used in mudroom

Tara Kantor

With so much happening in your mudroom, it's important to have storage options that are handy and visually pleasing. Adding a pegboard, the way Tara Kantor did here, is ideal to hang backpacks and other important items. Additionally, you can add a few wooden shelves to maximize your storage.

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Create a Wrokspace

mudroom and office combination

Kate Marker Interiors

If you have the square footage to spare, you can use your mudroom for more than just hanging coats and taking off shoes. Kate Marker Interiors proves our point with this corner home office that was added to the mudroom. The door separates the spaces and allows the room to function in more ways than one.

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Embrace Vertical Storage Options

vertical storage in mudroom

JK Interior Living

Proof that you only need a few square feet to create a mudroom, this space designed by Kate Marker Interiors makes the most of every inch with a small bench complete with open space underneath and plenty of vertical storage in the form of open cubbies and a few well-placed hooks.

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Lend Charm With a Dutch Door

mudroom with wood dutch door

Design: Emily Henderson / Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

There are several reasons to swoon over this mudroom designed by Emily Henderson of Emily Henderson Design. From the forest green cabinetry, the gilded wall hooks, the black-and-white woven baskets, the space comes together beautifully. But we're positively charmed by the wood Dutch door.

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Line Cubbies With Baskets

brown tile mudroom

Reena Sotropa

We've said it before, and we'll say it again (and again): You can never have too many baskets. Especially in a mudroom where clutter just tends to accumulate. Here, Reena Sotropa puts these storage workhorses to good use, lining each cubby with its own individual, woven basket.

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Create a Welcoming Space

mudroom with bench seating and small table in the center

JK Interior Living

While hanging out in your mudroom may sound odd, with the right arrangement, it doesn't have to be. JK Interior Living designed this spacious mudroom, complete with a wraparound bench and corner lockers. In the center of the room, a tall table and stools make the room feel like another gathering space rather than something to pass through quickly.

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Go Bold With Color

classic black and white mudroom

Reena Sotropa

Take a cue from Reena Sotropa and go bold with color in your mudroom. Here, the built-in cabinets are slathered in a dramatic shade of black, lending a moody vibe to the space. Contrasting with the white walls and lighter shades on the hexagon tile floor, the mudroom feels sophisticated in the best way.

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Or, Keep It Neutral

white and wood neutral mudroom

KG Designs

On the other hand, this mudroom, designed by KG Designs, makes a case for a neutral color palette. The bold black door and pendant contrast against the crisp white built-ins, and the tile floor, natural wood bench, and woven baskets lend texture to the space.

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Find Creative Ways to Display Art

mudroom with small portrait hanging on the wall

Whittney Parkinson

In this gorgeous space designed by Whittney Parkinson, art hangs discreetly above a built-in dresser, proving that mudrooms don't need to be all business all the time. (But, to be honest, the color of the built-ins and gold hardware are pretty much works of art, no?)

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Opt forFloating Shelves

mudroom with sink and shelving

Kate Marker Interiors

Floating shelves can easily double your storage space in a smaller mudroom. Kate Marker Interiors makes the most of this space with two floating shelves above a sink, showcasing some dećor to liven things up. The blue tile floor and simple wooden bench complete the look.

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Make It Do Double Duty

mudroom that is also laundry room

Kate Marker Interiors

This mudroom meets laundry room designed by Kate Marker Interiors is a lesson in designing a double-duty space that's highly functional. Despite the limited square footage, the room is replete with storage options: Wall hooks, a custom bench with built-in drawers, and a floating shelf, to point out just a few.

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Incorporate a Cork Bulletin Board

mudroom with cork board and farmhouse feel

Reena Sotropa

A high-traffic area like a mudroom is the ideal place to display an important message or leave a reminder about an appointment, which is why interior designer Reena Sotropa incorporated a cork bulletin board into this space. Brilliant. (We're definitely stealing this idea for ourselves.)

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Keep Kids in Mind

mudroom with dual lines of wall hooks

Ashley Montgomery Design

If you have little ones running around, it makes sense to make the mudroom accommodating for them, too. This mudroom designed by Ashley Montgomery Design not only includes hooks higher up on the wall for jackets and purses, but a row of low-hanging hooks so that kids can hang their personal belongings. Cute, but also practical.

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Give It Personality

mudroom with a theme

Reena Sotropa

Your mudroom is a space where you can experiment more with your dećor choices if you wish, so why not have fun with it? This playful mudroom by Reena Sotropa uses fun print wallpaper and striped baskets to add a whimsical touch.

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Utilize a Coat Rack

entryway with coat rack, pattern tile floor

Kate Marker Interiors

For those truly short on space, make like Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors and opt for a simple, freestanding coat rack in the entryway. In this space, double entry doors and tiled floors beautifully denote the front entrance from the rest of the home.

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