This Is How Every Fashion Girl Styles Her Closet

Is it just us or have our closets slipped down our to-decorate list lately? While we were busy eradicating the clutter from every other room in the house (and cleaning them too), we somehow left the wardrobe behind closed doors (clothes hanging off racks and all). Let's face it, we're all pretty busy these days, and most mornings involve an element of mild panic as we swill some coffee and style ourselves into immaculate, modern-day powerhouses ready to take on the world. 

If this sounds like you, too, then it's time to take some drastic action—today! To help, we tapped the expertise of Taylor Anne, founder of Taylor Anne Interiors to share a few pointers on how to give our closets the dream-worthy makeover they deserve. Ready to get started? We promise you'll never look back.