Doing This One Thing Strengthens the Bond of Romantic Relationships

Updated 05/08/19

Every romantic relationship has its ups and downs, its hurdles, and its rewards. While overcoming trying challenges and accomplishing milestone goals together can be indicative of the health and longevity of the partnership, it's the little things we do every day that feed our relationships and give them the strength to tackle the bigger things.

Roni Beth Tower, PhD, ABPP, recently outlined one of the most powerful ways to show love in everyday actions—creating surprises. Simple acts like cleaning your partner's car without being asked, or surprising them with breakfast in bed for no reason, show intimacy and demonstrate affection, Tower explains in Psychology Today. She shares an anecdote of her husband surprising her after a surgery, writing, "His unexpected actions have long left me glowing in appreciation and gratitude."

The best surprises demonstrate a level of knowledge of the loved one that reflects intimacy and affirms closeness. They tap into what really makes the other person tick—the little details he or she will appreciate and what will move them most. Tower listed a handful of ways you can surprise your loved one today and we've highlighted our top three.

Practical help: Even the smallest gestures can have a big impact. When your loved one's time is tight or energy is low, help them get a task done without them even asking. They'll appreciate being relieved of the stress, and it may even free up more minutes of quality time to be spent together.

Providing beauty: Attention to detail can dramatically elevate the environment and both of your moods. Bringing flowers into the home when there's no special occasion or putting more effort into setting the table at dinner can show just how much you care to bring more beauty to your loved one's day and also that you respect the space you both share.

A touch of comfort: Providing your partner with extra attention and simple comforts can quickly turn a bad day into a lovely one. Preparing a tea after a long day or bringing them a blanket when you suspect they're chilly demonstrates that their happiness is your priority. It's a powerful way to say I love you, without uttering a word.

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