The 13 Best Apps For Planning a Wedding

The list of tasks on every bride and groom's to-do list is long -- not as long as the life you'll lead together, but still long enough to make anyone stress. Whether or not you hire a wedding planner, most of the decisions will undoubtedly fall on your shoulders. Thankfully, there are a number of apps on the market that make it a whole lot breezier. Read on for our top picks, from apps the let your register for literally anything to a handy service that helps your arrange your seating chart.



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Pinterest has had breakaway growth since the startup began in 2010, and we can't help but wonder how much of it success has to do with brides! Whether you're collecting ideas for tabletop centerpieces or looking for the perfect white dress, this visual discovery tool offers boundless inspiration for all the special moments of a wedding -- not to mention a private way (secret boards) to bookmark your finds and keep them all in one place.

COST: Free.

Wedding Flowers Moodboard

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Flowers can certainly set the mood and look of a wedding, but there are so many options out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The Wedding Flowers Moodboard App offers a large selection of images and tips to help you choose the shape, style, and color of your bouquets and other floral arrangements. Simply save the flowers you love, and then show them to your florist or wedding planner to execute.

COST: $1.99.




Fitocracy is an addictive app that turns fitness into a game. The app has a point system to help you track your progress, and you earn points for every activity and "level up" when you've made progress toward your personal goal. Set up challenges against your partner to create a game out of physical fitness.

COST: Free.

Jawbone UP


Getting in shape isn't only about exercise; your diet and sleep are also important factors of your fitness. We like wristband tracker Jawbone UP, a powerful bluetooth-enabled tracker that monitors your physical activity, the amount of calories you've burned, your diet, and your sleep. Digesting your physiological patterns, it can then can then offer recommendations to help you make better choices and achieve your goals.

COST: App is free; wristband costs $80 (non-bluetooth, USB device) or $150 (bluetooth).


Wedding Lookbook

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The days of finding "The Dress" in a dog-eared magazine from a local newsstand are over. Now we have thousands of options available to us on the web, and matrimonial site The Knot has curated them all on its app, Wedding Lookbook. Search more than 5,000 new dresses (that are actually currently for sale) by designer, shape, price range, and style, and bookmark your favorites. When you're ready to try on your favorites, the app will show you the nearest bridal salons that carry your dresses.

COST: Free.



Registering for wedding gifts is, of course, a fun activity, but there are so many options out there, it can be daunting, especially if you feel limited to one or two major stores. WeddingScan allows you to register for any item at any store by simply scanning a product's barcode within the app. No bar code? You can take a photo of the product and add a brief description. Once you've added your items, you can save them to different rooms in your home, like the kitchen or bedroom. Guests can log on to the site to find your registry and make an order, just like any other store.

COST: $2.99.

Zola Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 5.15.25 PM

Tinder meets gifting in the beautiful new wedding registry app Zola, developed by Gilt founder Kevin Ryan. Using the "Blender" feature, you can swipe right to add a product to your registry or left to pass. The app also facilitates registering for honeymoon funds in addition to products (like WeddingScan, from any store), and offers other unique features like group gifting, a "send it later" option, and more. Don't know where to start? The app's starter collections show you the essentials that belong on every registry.

COST: Free.


Paperless Post Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 5.17.47 PM

Sending digital invitations is becoming more common, and it's certainly more cost-effective than handing over your future child's college fund to a letterpress print shop. Paperless Post has replicated experience of opening a paper envelope in a virtual interface with beautifully designed digital invitations, envelopes, envelope liners, and even stamps. Send your save the date or your actual wedding invitation virtually, and track your guest's RSVPs and comments all in one easily accessed online portal. Want to be old-fashioned? The company also offers printed invitations.

COST: Free, with costs for premium features.


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If you decided to send your wedding invitations via snail mail, you'll have one big duty on your hand: getting the postal addresses of all your friends and family. Postable takes that tedious task off your plate in one easy step. Just upload your guests' email address, and the app will send them a simple form to fill out with their contact information.

COST: Free.



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If you want to play music digitally for any part of your wedding, get WeddingDJ. This app helps you organize all the music you'll need -- with different folders for the groom's procession, cocktail hour, the after-party, and more -- and it will prevent the wrong song from coming on or the music cutting out. On your big day, you can hand off the app to your MC, who just needs to slide "next" for each part of your wedding. Note: WeddingDJ cannot play DRM-protected tracks or iTunes Match tracks that are not on your device.

COST: $4.99

Spotify spotify_app_friends_offlineplaylist

Chances are you may be listening to Spotify as you read this. The digital music service doesn't have all the ceremony-centric bells and whistles of WeddingDJ, but it does give you access to millions of songs for free. Whether you crowdsource playlists from friends, family, or other Spotify users or you take ownership of the audio, you can pre-plan playlists for every part of your wedding and just hook them up to speakers on the day of your wedding. Just make sure to sign up for ad-free listening so you won't hear the Geico gecko during cocktail hour.

COST: $9.99/month for Spotify, which offers ad-free and offline listening.




Digital or snail mail, you've sent out your invitations and received your RSVPs. So, now it's time to create a seating chart. Skip the big Excel sheet, and turn to TopTablePlanner instead. Post in your list of guests from your digital address book (Postable!) and drag and them drop them onto each table. If you have last-minute changes (as you will), it's easy as can be to make additions or cuts. Before the big day, just print your diagram, along with a list of table numbers and associated names, and you'll be ready to dine!


Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 5.23.41 PM While most of the above apps facilitate one particular task of your wedding planning, WeddingHappy is a good overall planner that helps you build a customized schedule with a to-do checklist and suggested due dates so you stay on track. It also helps you manage the vendors you're working with and find wedding professionals, and it has a handy dashboard to help you track overall progress. Do you have any favorite wedding planning apps not listed here? Share your go-tos below!