Make Your Big Day Sweeter With This Season’s Bold Wedding Cake Trend

flowers being added to the top of a wedding cake with pink drip-down frosting

With the dress, the shoes, and everything in between, you could say that planning a wedding is all about making choices. But, of all the choices to make, choosing your wedding cake is by far the most fun (and tasty) one of them all.

Whether you’re after a minimal, simple cake, or one that will show off your personality, we spoke to Stacy Brewer, from Stacy Brewer Cakes, about the trends she’s been seeing lately and the ones that are only going to grow more popular during the upcoming wedding season.

Looking for something other than a standard "naked cake" order? Step this way. 

What is the biggest wedding cake trend coming up?

I can see this coming wedding season as the season to take risks. Weddings themselves are becoming more playful, fun and less structured. Shapes will change from the traditional round two or three-tiered cakes to a mix of squares and circles and even hexagon-shaped tiers. 

Brides are also falling in love with romantic, dark and mysterious tones—almost medieval-inspired. This creates the perfect backdrop for a cake table doused with lush and moody blooms.

What wedding cake trend is over?

I can see a shift from the rustic, "naked cake” trend to a more full, solid buttercream finish. Moving away from the stark white and playing around with different tones, adding hints of colors from a range of burgundy, reds, greens, and yellows. Playing around with textures and creating movement to the cake's surface, getting away from smooth structures that have dominated looks from previous years.

What is the most popular wedding cake flavor?

When it comes to the food at a wedding, it is the element that is never forgotten. As the wedding cake is the final part of this, you want to be leaving people wowed and wanting more. By this point in the night, everyone is generally feeling pretty full and overindulged, so in turn, I see people leaning more towards the lighter flavors to finish off the night. Our most popular flavor would have to be the vanilla bean cake which has Italian meringue buttercream, sandwiched in-between with lychees and raspberries. This is followed closely by the coconut cake, with lemon curd and vanilla with seasonal berries.

What would you love to see couples experiment with in terms of their wedding cake style?

Have some fun and don’t take it too seriously! Experiment with metallic or heavy metal influences. There is so much gold and silver ruling the upcoming trends and it’s a perfect way to make a statement, whilst adding some glitz and glamour. Even add some color or moody tones and textures. Most importantly keep it true to you but don’t play it too safe. Remember it’s just cake, let’s have some fun!

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