12 Inspiring Wedding Color Schemes That Feel Fresh

Updated 02/27/18

When planning your wedding, before you begin deciding on décor, the color scheme is what brings everything together. Whether you opt for festive hues, dark and moody shades, or understated neutrals, your chosen color palette unifies the decorations and sets the mood for the occasion. Because wedding color schemes play such an important part in adding that personal touch to your nuptials, we reached out to the wedding expert Angela Hamilton of 100 Layer Cake to weigh in on some of our favorites. Here, Hamilton shares the color combinations—from timeless to nontraditional—that feel forever fresh however you're decorating.

She walks us through the palettes that work perfectly with table settings, florals, reception venues, and beyond—with gorgeous real-life examples.

navy and red wedding color scheme
Ana & Jerome via 100 Layer Cake

Navy & Red

"Navy and red are one of our favorite unexpected combinations, especially when it pops against a white tabletop," confesses Hamilton. "By mixing in similar hues, like navy and pink, the palette is romantic and modern rather than overly traditional."

red and green wedding color scheme
Charity Maurer via 100 Layer Cake

Red & Green

"Red and green offer a way to add a little more timeless elegance to a traditionally rustic venue," explains Hamilton.

blue wedding color scheme
Kristen Joy via 100 Layer Cake

Wintry Blue

"We love winter blues," confesses Hamilton. "Especially combined with softer tones like peach and cream."

tropical wedding color scheme
En Route via 100 Layer Cake

Blush, Gray, White, & Gold

"A classic blush, gray, white, and gold color story looks more natural when up against foliage at a garden venue," observes Hamilton.

red wedding color scheme
Pepper & Light via 100 Layer Cake

Pink & Burgundy

Hamilton suggests trading blush for deeper pinks and sultry reds "for a bold, chic palette."

earth tone wedding color scheme
Studio 28 Photo via 100 Layer Cake

Earth Tones

"Pull off earth tones by incorporating muted neutrals and pastels inspired by your surroundings," advises Hamilton.

tropical green and white wedding color scheme
Cari Courtright & Jessica Rankin via 100 Layer Cake

Green & White

Hamilton notes that the combination of green and white is always trending, "but we love the elevated tropical look."

unexpected wedding color scheme
Kate Webber via 100 Layer Cake

Orange & Blue

"If you want something truly unexpected, choose contrasting shades like orange and blue," suggests Hamilton. "So fun for spring!"

aqua and gold wedding color scheme
Tasha Rae via 100 Layer Cake

Aqua & Gold

Hamilton says that the more modern combination of aqua and gold is "perfect for couples who want a playful, whimsical feel."

red and purple wedding color scheme
Leo Patrone via 100 Layer Cake

Red & Purple

Hamilton admits that red and purple may be tough to pull off but assures that if done right, "it'll look as elegant and warm as this tablescape."

plum and gold wedding color scheme
Nichols via 100 Layer Cake

Plum & Gold

"Plum and gold channel timeless romance in any season," notes Hamilton.

black, white, and gold wedding color scheme
Amber Lynn via 100 Layer Cake

Black, White, & Gold

"Black, white, and gold are another timeless color palette that can be paired with blush florals and lots of greenery," says Hamilton.

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