So This Is What the Dream Wedding Looks Like in 2017, Says Pinterest

The key to planning the perfect wedding is striking a balance between the timeless and trendy. On one hand, you want your nuptials to feel relevant and reflect your personality, but for many, it's also important that when you look back at the big day, it doesn't seem instantly dated. So how do you know which trends to skip and which will stand the test of time?

To find out, we tapped the extensive network at Pinterest to see which wedding trends are gathering serious momentum in 2017. According to its latest data, informal events are on the rise: Tablescapes bursting with greenery are replacing carefully crafted floral bouquets, daytime brunch is overtaking formal evening sit-down meals, and many couples are opting for short mini-moon escapes before planning an adventurous long-haul honeymoon.

Ahead, we pinpoint the six wedding ideas that strike the perfect balance of trendy and timeless. Pick your favorites to personalize your big day. Don't worry, you won't regret it.

Have you noticed any other wedding trends that didn't make this list? Share them with us below.